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  1. Bears Make Their Presence Known - Posted by Coolhand

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    The battle over the 200 dma is back in focus again as stock prices fell sharply lower today.

    Market Pull Back-s-p-500-png
    Market Pull Back-dwcpf-png

    The 200 dma did not get tested on the SPX, but it did come close. The DWCPF shows that price did fall under it intraday, but managed to close pretty much right on it. Momentum is falling.

    Market Pull Back-nyad-png

    Breadth took a hit and is now neutral.

  2. TSP Talk: Trade scare pushed aside -- for the most part

    Stocks gapped open higher on Tuesday despite an overnight scare triggered by a statement from White House trade advisor Peter Navarro. After all was said and done we saw solid gains from the indices, but it was another day with a strong open and a weak close as the indices closed well off their highs.

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