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  1. Another Dull Day, But a Positive One - Posted by Coolhand

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    We aren't moving fast, but if you're a bull, you are moving in the right direction right now. The afternoon session was weak as gains were tempered. I'd really like to see a breakout to the upside rather than dancing not far above the 200 dma.

    I am still on G-s-p-500-png
    I am still on G-dwcpf-png

    Upward momentum is still rather flat. That 50 dma continues to close on the 200 (of course). A positive cross is likely to occur in about a week or so, assuming
  2. TSP Talk: Another positive Monday reversal

    Stocks came into Monday morning with a heavy weight around its neck after some serious selling after the bell on Friday (an expiration day) when the futures plunged 30 S&P points, or another 1% after the closing bell, with a lot of finagling and positioning going on. The fact that the S&P 500 only opened down 3-points on Monday morning was actually a lot more impressive than it may have seemed, and to climb back and close up 0.65% on the day created a second major Monday positive reversal. ...
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