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  1. Big Test Coming - Posted by Coolhand

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    In my last post, I said that the indicators were largely neutral, which included smart money (NAAIM). I also expected more up/down action as a result of the reading.

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    I guess we're starting out with up action this week as the major averages tacked on big gains. That isn't a surprise given it appeared that at least a short term bottom was probably put in last Wednesday. And if you look at where price closed;
  2. TSP Talk Market Commentary 5/18/2020

    Stocks opened sharply lower on Friday but fought back in the afternoon and moved into positive territory in the final 15 minutes of trading. The Dow gained 60-points on the day to end a week that saw 2% to 4% losses in the stock funds. Small caps had a great day while the I-find lagged, and bonds were flat.

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