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  1. Bulls Quickly Take Back Control - Posted by Coolhand

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    The bulls turned the market around today after a bout of weakness on Wednesday. Small caps continued leading large caps.

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    We can see that price closed at another all-time high on the DWCPF, while price failed to recoup Wednesday's losses on the S&P 500. Momentum continues to rise on the DWCPF and remains flat on the S&P.

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    Cumulative breadth hit
  2. TSP Talk: Late sell-off surprises the bulls

    Stocks were struggling to stay positive for most of the day on Wednesday, but by late afternoon the selling intensified and the indices closed at their lows of the day. The Dow lost 345-points and once again the small caps of our S-fund held up best with just a modest 0.4% loss on the day. The question is whether this is just a typical 2 - 3 day pullback in a strong market, or are we in need of another correction after the enormous rally so far in November?

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