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  1. Uneven Market Action - Posted by Coolhand

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    The bears tried to take price lower today, but they were not successful as price on both the S&P and DWCPF closed near the neutral line. I will say that other indexes fared better or worse depending on the index.

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    Volume was not as impressive today, but it was still high. There does appear to be a battle raging with gaps and long wicks. And there may be rotation going on as well given how poorly technology
  2. TSP Talk: A wild ride to start the week

    Stocks opened on Monday with one of the largest gaps higher that we've seen in a while. That gain took most of the indices well above the resistance line of prior highs, but that was quite an extreme and we saw profit takers go to work almost immediately. The S&P 500, up about 135-points at the opening high, closed up "just" 41, so it was quite a reversal. The Dow gained 855 and percentage-wise beat most indices but the Russell 2000 small caps which were up 3.6%. I'm not really ...
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