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  1. Bull Flags Forming? Posted by Coolhand

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    The bears managed to pull the market back bit more today, but so far the pullback has been measured and not inconsistent with a healthy one at that.

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    So, we may have potential bulls flags forming. Momentum has leveled off.

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    Breadth fell along with the market, but remains bullish.

    NAAIM reports tomorrow. It's always interesting
  2. TSP Talk: Stocks take a breather after recent rally

    Stocks pulled back after the impressive 4-day rally. The Dow lost a modest 158-points, the S&P 500 dropped 0.63%, while the Nasdaq and small caps (S-fund) came away nearly unscathed on the day. Bonds rallied and the dollar was up giving the I-fund more than it can handle. The share prices and returns below reflect the two-day cumulative return from Monday and Tuesday because of the holiday on Monday.

SPY (C Fund) (delayed)

( Real-time)
DWCPF (S Fund) (delayed)

( Real-time)
EFA (I Fund) (delayed)

( Real-time)
BND (F Fund) (delayed)

( Real-time)

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