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  1. Rebalancing, Pre-holiday reversal, and light volume = ?

    Stocks rallied Thursday, following through on the Wednesday rebound, and the pre-holiday reversal / rebalancing action is playing out the way we talked about in yesterday's commentary. The question is, will we get the the post-holiday resumption of the larger trend? The Dow gained 326-points, with 1% plus gains across the board.

  2. Pre-holiday fake-out, or are the lows in?

    Stocks rallied on more light trading volume led by a jump in the price of oil and energy stocks. The Dow gained 258-points, or 1.0%. The beaten down Russell 2000 small cap index gained 1.15%, but our S-fund (+0.73%) hasn't been keeping up with the Russell as it generally does. The Transports were also big winners on the day jumping 1.77%. The S&P 500 and Nasdaq both had more modest to moderate gains. The dollar rallied yesterday, which weighed on the I-fund.
  3. Consumers are confident, but are investors?

    Consumer Confidence came in much better than expected, but that didn't help stocks yesterday. They did rally early on Tuesday, and what the market needed after Monday's big rally was some follow-through. Unfortunately for the bulls, that didn't happen as the open was sold and stocks slid lower for much of the day, although we can't give the bears too much of a victory because they were unable to break the indices, despite the setup being there for them. The losses were ...
  4. Some trade war soothing helps stocks bounce back

    Stocks did a major flip flop, not only from Friday's close into Monday, but the futures were getting slaughtered when they opened up on Sunday evening, and by the time the opening bell rang on Monday morning, there was 700+ point reversal in the Dow futures. There were couple of attempts, not surprisingly, from the bears to sell the rally, but the bulls won out and the gains got back about 1/3 to 1/2 of Friday's losses, depending on the index. There was a very late ...
  5. Trump tweet spoils early Fed rally

    Stocks opened lower on Friday after China announced more tariffs on the U.S., but the Fed calmed investors at Jackson Hole and we actually saw green by late morning trading. Then came the tweet by President Trump regarding U.S. companies doing business with China, and more on tariffs, as we'll talk about below. It turned into a sell-fest the rest of the day, except for some very late buying just before the bell. By the close the Dow had lost 623-points. Bonds, which ...
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