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  1. Will dip buyers show up after two down days?

    Stocks fell sharply for a second day on Tuesday, with the Dow dropping 363-points making it 540-points in two days. It sounds like a lot but the broader indices were only down around 1%. Volume was slightly higher than normal, but nothing that indicated panic selling. The market has been able to shake off two day declines fairly easily over the last year. Now if we get a third day, that may change attitudes, but for now, meh. ...
  2. A rare sell-off

    Stocks closed down on the day yesterday with some late selling for the first time in a while. The Dow lost 177-points, which was about the lows of the day. The losses were modest (0.5% to 0.6%) but it's barely a blip on the radar compared to recent gains. ...
  3. The market is putting icing on its cake

    The rally continued on Friday and, based on the prior action, seems to be going into yet another gear. The Dow jumped another 224-points. Of course 200+ points is no longer even a 1% gain, nonetheless, it is impressive. Optimism has moved into more of a fear of missing out. ...
  4. Bitcoin chart analysis: The 50 day moving average

    Cryptocurrencies are so new, and so volatile. I don't typically prefer a long term moving average on a crypto chart for those reasons, but Bitcoin is different. First, it's the oldest and maybe least volatile chart (though it still moves a ton compared to stocks) of the cryptos. Second, the 50 day moving average has worked in the past many, many times as both support and resistance. Let's take a look.

    This is the most recent activity for Bitcoin in candlesticks, with the blue line showing ...
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  5. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    This week we saw no change in the relentless momentum in stocks we've seen thus far this year. The quick government shutdown could not shake things up as a temporary deal was made to get things back and running for now. We got a little more volatility mid-week with some credit given to comments about the weakness in the dollar from Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and follow up comments by President Trump. Pull backs are healthy for the market, especially for traders looking for entry points, but ...
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