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  1. BradleeG's Avatar
    Bring on the hackers who will drain everybodies accounts into Ukraine, Belarus, Romania and and any other former Warsaw Pact nation/Soviet Republic you care to name. Our exchanges in the West will shrug their shoulders and say "What ya gonna do?.All that talent in the Eastern Boc has been waiting for this moment...
  2. tsptalk's Avatar
    LOL. It's all good. Looks like a great trip. Thanks for sharing, and enjoy!
  3. James48843's Avatar
    P.S- Sorry Tom, but I forget to bring along my TSPTALK Mug on this trip for pictures.

    I will have to try again later.

    I'm going to the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem on Saturday, but they don't really allow photographs of TSPTALK mugs at the Wall, and I forgot my mug anyway.

  4. kb9nvh's Avatar
    Don't forget, Europe was going full Obama before Obama came along... Filling their culture with Muslims that had no intention of fitting in or assimilating to their culture. One world government think, using the global warming scam to distribute funding where it needed to go.
  5. STV's Avatar
    James, I have long appreciated your input on TSPtalk. Keep up the good work!
  6. pokerstar629's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing this James, I just closed my Chase checking account today, they wanted to charge me all these fees starting on the 8th of this month. I'm going to switch to a credit union and probably an online bank.
  7. alevin's Avatar
    Incredibly sad, James. Even sadder is we're losing the tax base to support us current gov employees, at all levels. funding gov on backs of <50% fulltime employed population and working age population shrinking at same time (demographics)-not to mention median incomes still shrinking. its all going to end well..
  8. JTH's Avatar
    Thanks, I still have no idea why they removed the uptick rule, this led to the shorts piling on the financials, making "we the people" shell out a loan to "they those bastards..."
  9. CrabClaw's Avatar
    those companies, especially GS, hold all the cards and carry all the pieces. I agree, disgusting... until there is real reform that changes that there will be no reform at all
  10. airlift's Avatar
    Instiutionalized dishonesty is so pervasive that it is no wonder why this recession occured. They take us to the brink of the precipice, make a toast, pop-open the champagne; and then we foot the bill.
  11. Bullitt's Avatar
    For too many people I think money is their End and that they're never going to be happy. Your message may serve as a good reminder for all of us.
  12. Minnow's Avatar
    Good on ya, Jim.
  13. Buster's Avatar
    So true Jim, So true
  14. mayday's Avatar
    You have to appreciate the simple things in life.
    It doesn't get much better than that.
    You have your priorities straight James
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