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  1. bleeck's Avatar
    I fund EFA gap from November 6-9, 2020 needs to be filled. This year?
  2. Bullitt's Avatar
    Nice work on the daily write ups fellas. This is always a good summary with some nice tidbits you can't find anywhere else.
  3. SoonerCaniac's Avatar
    The lows on Friday were also the old high prior to the covid sell off in February.
    Excellent catch TommyIV; thanks for the observation!
  4. isleepwell's Avatar
    And, so, I get to say I told you so. Having said that, buy this market with both fists this week. It's 11/14/18 as I write this post. Buy here. Take your couch potato investor self to the computer, and move capital to the C, and S funds or miss out on the next 2 months of green.

  5. isleepwell's Avatar
    It's Sunday, 11/11/18, and I just looked at the futures indices for tomorrow. It appears as if trading will certainly look red tomorrow. Has the pain disappeared? I believe retailers will do well heading into the holiday season. The typical American consumer spends this time of year with reckless abandon. It's not a mistake which places the Detroit Lions football team on television every single Thanksgiving Day. With elections over, and political gridlock on the menu the markets should grind progressively higher short term.

    Next week should present the opportunity for TSP investors to get off the sidelines, i.e. (move capital out of the G Fund, which contains approximately 40% of all dollars invested into albeit restrictive choices such as the C, and S Funds respectively.) Truth be told, I've been with the TSP for over 23 years, and have accumulated healthy nest egg. I like this coming week as a buying pivot point. Anyone else with other thoughts? If not, consider coming off the sidelines on some of these red days too prior to the deer hunting season. I am looking for a nice healthy buck. Shouldn't you?

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  6. TommyIV's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by vectorman
    Your chart sure looks like a possible Head and Shoulders Pattern.

    Great point. A head and shoulders formation suggests an end to the prior trend.

    Bonds have been in a relentless bull market for years. Are we starting to see the beginning of the end of that bull market or will the strength of the bull persist?

  7. vectorman's Avatar
    Your chart sure looks like a possible Head and Shoulders Pattern.
  8. clester's Avatar
    Thats a little scary
  9. TommyIV's Avatar
    The year to date return they give you on the monthly return page at doesn't include December and is giving the returns up to November 30th for the year. You can check it out by comparing the returns on November 30th 2015 at TSP Talk AutoTracker with the ytd returns on the TSP monthly return page.
  10. esatter's Avatar
    Why are the TSP returns on your web page different than those on the actual TSP webpage

    Month L Income L 2020 L 2030 L 2040 L 2050 G Fund F Fund C Fund S Fund I Fund
    Dec (0.04%) (0.50%) (0.67%) (0.76%) (0.94%) 0.18% 0.21% (0.24%) 0.99% (4.13%)
    Jan (0.08%) (0.58%) (0.83%) (1.02%) (1.18%) 0.18% 2.13% (2.99%) (1.85%) 1.19%
    Feb 1.19% 2.95% 3.80% 4.39% 4.99% 0.13% (0.91%) 5.75% 6.05% 5.97%
    Mar (0.07%) (0.44%) (0.58%) (0.64%) (0.76%) 0.16% 0.47% (1.57%) 1.24% (1.43%)
    Apr 0.37% 0.81% 0.95% 1.00% 1.16% 0.15% (0.28%) 0.96% (1.50%) 4.11%
    May 0.30% 0.50% 0.62% 0.72% 0.78% 0.17% (0.26%) 1.29% 1.84% (0.42%)
    Jun (0.33%) (0.97%) (1.28%) (1.46%) (1.66%) 0.17% (1.07%) (1.93%) (0.71%) (2.80%)
    Jul 0.55% 1.03% 1.22% 1.33% 1.46% 0.19% 0.74% 2.10% (0.12%) 2.08%
    Aug (1.10%) (3.06%) (4.04%) (4.69%) (5.37%) 0.18% (0.11%) (6.03%) (5.80%) (7.36%)
    Sep (0.51%) (1.67%) (2.26%) (2.67%) (3.09%) 0.18% 0.75% (2.47%) (4.80%) (5.02%)
    Oct 1.64% 3.72% 4.88% 5.58% 6.31% 0.17% 0.02% 8.45% 5.61% 7.07%
    Nov 0.17% 0.17% 0.20% 0.24% 0.24% 0.17% (0.24%) 0.31% 1.75% (0.86%)
    YTD 2.13% 2.29% 2.39% 2.37% 2.34% 1.86% 1.21% 3.08% 1.03% 1.55%
    Last 12 mo 2.09% 1.78% 1.70% 1.60% 1.38% 2.05% 1.42% 2.83% 2.03% (2.64%)
  11. Wildwood's Avatar
    Thank you. Appreciate your support and sharing! From where I sit it looks a lot like more of the same status quo. Possibly elections or real wars might change things.
  12. Sensei's Avatar
    Hi - I didn't see the survey posted this past Thursday (4/30). Just wondering how that is going to affect the return for the Plus System going forward. I've been thinking about subscribing to a premium, so I'm curious if there was a reason for the survey not getting posted, or if it was an error. Thanks.
  13. uscfanhawaii's Avatar
    And right on queue, the Bull keeps on charging!
  14. felixthecat's Avatar
    This market feels risky and isn't the environment I usually swim around in. Your commentary gives me some comfort knowing we will know next week if more hurt or ride jaggedly higher is in store for us. I take the jagged road for now.
  15. tsptalk's Avatar
    TommyIV is mini-me. My 20 year old son is attempting a hostel take over of the family business.
  16. PessOptimist's Avatar
    Who are you TommyIV and what have you done with Mr. C?
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