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  1. Bears Making Their Presence Known - Posted by Coolhand

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    Before I get into my usual post, I want to address something I said last week because I find it interesting and perhaps even instructive. When the TSP Talk survey was released last week, I said the following:

    "The TSP Talk sentiment survey came in bearish this week. That's diametrically opposed to NAAIM. We don't do that often. In fact, as I've stated in past posts, I don't treat our sentiment survey as dumb money. Not when we are collectively aligned to the NAAIM reading as often
  2. Intrepid Timer's Weekly Chart Analysis

  3. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    A surge in bond yields shook markets up this week increasing volatility and pushing stock and bond prices down. The normally 'safe' investment into bonds (F-fund) was down simultaneously with more risky investments like stocks (C, S, and I-Fund). Well then where are people putting their cash? The answer isn't obvious and the answer may just include more cash holdings. This could be the case as a change in market character has investors reevaluating the best place for their money.
  4. TSP Talk: Did anyone get the number of that bus?

    We went into Thursday with a very nice bullish set up, but the market had other ideas. Instead of being off to new highs, the indices decided to test the Tuesday lows. So far they have successfully held, but it can get dicey near the 50-day EMAs, as you'll see in the charts. The Dow lost 560-points, while the Nasdaq and small caps were beaten down even worse. Bond yields keep rising, and rising quickly, which stirs things up.

  5. TSP Talk: There they go again!

    Turnaround Tuesday's reversal saw a big follow through to the upside on Wednesday, as the chartists would hope, but the day didn't start out positive. The negative open started to get bought within about 30 minutes into the trading day, and from there the bullish snowball grew. The Dow ended the day with a 435-point gain, and the major indices all picked up 1% or more on the day.

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