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  1. TSP Talk: Internal damage and warning signs

    No follow through to the pre-holiday positive reversal as Turnaround Tuesday turned into a Trouncing Tuesday for stocks. The Dow dropped 543-points on the day, and higher yields rising were the catalyst as the 10-year Treasury moved close to 1.9% yesterday. This recent push higher in yields isn't too much of a surprise to many people, but perhaps the speed of the move is. Some investors, who may be still heavily invested in growth stocks and not allocated for a high interest rate environment, ...
  2. TSP Talk: Late Friday rally erases morning losses

    Stocks bounced back from some early losses to close mixed on Friday. The Dow lost 202-points, which was nearly 300 points off the lows of the day, so there was a nice intraday rebound. The S&P 500 poked into positive territory before the close, but small caps and the I-fund lost some ground on the day despite the late push higher. The dollar was up giving the I-fund some trouble, and yields rallied again sending bonds and the F-fund down sharply.

  3. Intrepid Timer's Weekly Chart Analysis

  4. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    The weekly return for U.S. stocks weaved from losses, to gains, and back to losses through the progression of the week. Neither the bulls nor the bears could maintain control for very long. The S&P 500 started the week poorly but reversed mid-day to erase most of the early losses. The momentum carried into positive territory for the week while Jerome Powell spoke at the Senate confirmation hearing. Powell reiterated to the Senate the Fed's plans to combat inflation by using monetary tightening to ...
  5. TSP Talk: Morning rally turns sour

    Stocks opened higher on Thursday after the PPI report was released, but sellers stepped up later in the morning to flip the recent relief rally on its head. The Dow lost 177-points, which was only 0.49%, but the broader indices were clobbered. Tech stocks in the Nasdaq and growth stocks in the small caps were all hit hard. Bonds were down but closed off their lows, as yields eased slightly.

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