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  1. TSP Talk Market Commentary 04/09/2020

    Stocks bounced back yesterday and in another attempt to throw the most people off as possible, the indices gained back all of Tuesday morning's gains that it lost in Tuesday afternoon's sell-off. Every move it makes seem to be trying to throw one side or the other (bulls or bears) off the track. And it seems to be succeeding. The Dow gained 780-points and we saw gains of 2.5% to 4.5% depending on the index. Small caps led with a big gain of 4.6%.

  2. TSP Talk Market Commentary 04/08/2020

    It was quite a wild ride yesterday on Wall Street with a giant opening bell rally failing almost immediately, regaining strength to test the early highs, then a fade into the afternoon trading with the indices closing at their lows. The Dow, up 937-points at the highs, closed down 26-points. That's quite a round trip for a day.

  3. TSP Talk Market Commentary 04/07/2020

    As we have seen for weeks now, a bear market gives us the most explosive rallies. You rarely see a 3, 5, or 7% rally in a trending bull market. So what did the action tell us? It tells us that we are still in a bear market. Does it mean we are exiting the bear? It's way too early to say, and it shouldn't be that easy. The Dow gained 1627-points or 7.73% as investors became more optimistic about the trend of the coronavirus stats.

  4. 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

    Quote Originally Posted by James48843 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by blueroadster View Post
    Decided to roll the dice. Order for 6k shares of SPXU @ 21.75 has been filled.
    This is what we've come to.

    Betting on whether tomorrow's dead body count goes up enough to spook the stock market.

    So, for the last three weeks, we've all been waiting with baited breath to see what the daily numbers are going to be. The dreaded Coronavirus has arrived, and it's companion, the illness now known as COVID-19 disease, has begun to wrap it's ...
  5. TSP Talk Market Commentary 04/06/2020

    The much weaker than expected jobs report (-701,000) took its toll on stocks on Friday and the Dow, which actually went positive in early trading, drifted lower for most of the day and closed down 361-points despite a late move higher. Small caps lagged, bonds were up, and oil had another big day after the agreed upon cut in production.

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