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TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up - The C-fund is Now the Most Held TSP Fund.

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The shortened week with a Jobs Report at the end was profitable for some while disappointing for others. The June Jobs report was favorable to those betting on a September rate cut. The U.S. added 206,000 jobs, slightly beating expectations, yet unemployment ticked higher to 4.1%; the first time since 2021 that unemployment was greater than 4.0%.

The report showed strength in the economy while the unemployment may give the Federal Reserve what they want to go ahead with a rate cut sooner than later. However, higher unemployment also showcases a fragility in the economy that could get out of hand quickly if not kept in check. The response in stocks was split with large caps rallying while small caps took a loss on the day.

The S-fund took a modest loss for the week and its reign of a best performing stock fund ended after two weeks, but it wasn’t the popular C-fund that gave its investors the best returns this week.

Following a rough June (-1.62%), the I-fund jumped out of the gate in July with a 2.43% gain over the first four days of the month. The last time the I-fund had the best weekly return was the last week of May when it added 0.14% while both the C and S-fund were down.

Here are the weekly, monthly, and annual TSP fund returns for the week ending July 5:

The C-fund has now gone three weeks without claiming the best weekly TSP return.

Though not on top in the weekly returns, C-fund holders still enjoyed their 1.98% gain this week and the C-fund has reached its highest price ever. Yet more TSP investors are still joining the C-fund herd. The average C-fund allocation has increased again, and it is now the most popular fund among the non-premium members after topping the G-fund this week.

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The average allocation among TSP Talk non-premium AutoTracker members increased in both the C and I-funds this week while decreasing in the G, F, and S-funds. Now over 32%, the average C-fund allocation became the highest among the five after passing the G-fund this week.

But this is still not the most bullish TSP Talk AutoTracker we’ve seen. At the beginning of 2022, the average G-fund allocation was 22.24% and the most popular fund was the S-fund with an average allocation of 37.25%. The S-fund went on to fall 26.26% that year.

The top of the TSP Talk AutoTracker standings is littered with C-fund allocations.

The average allocation of the top 300 non-premium members is 6.10% G, 1.15% F, 64.20% C, 17.00% S-fund and 6.19% I-fund. That is with the top 58 members all holding 100% C-fund. The average 2024 return among the top 300 non-premium members is 12.20%.

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Good luck and thanks for reading! We will be back here next week with another TSP Talk Wrap Up. You can read our daily market commentary at TSP Talk - Market Commentary.

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