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Another Mixed Day - Posted by Coolhand

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It was another uninspiring day for the market on Monday. That's not necessarily a bad thing, just boring more than anything else.

Market Talk-spx-png
Market Talk-dwcpf-png

Price didn't move much on either chart. The S&P was modestly higher, while the DWCPF modestly lower. Momentum remains down, but it's not affecting price a whole lot. It's that uninspiring nature I mentioned above.

Market Talk-nyad-png

Breadth actually moved higher and remains bullish.

There isn't a lot to say about the action that I didn't already say. As uninspiring as it is, the trend does still remain up. I would sure like to see the DWCPF break out to the upside finally. It's dragging its feet (or digging in its heels).

I remain bullish.

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