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  1. Rally!

    Stocks snapped back after the downside rubber band got a little overstretched. The indices blasted off for 2-3% gains with the Dow gaining 548-points. Some solid economic data may have had something to do with it as job openings hit a record 7.1 million in August, but the futures were rallying sharply beforehand so the market may have just been looking for excuse to bounce back.

  2. Choppy action to start the week. Small caps up, big caps down

    Stocks spent the day looking for a direction as the action was quite choppy. Unfortunately for those in the stock funds, the Dow and S&P closed down and near the lows of the day, but small caps held onto a solid gain, which is quite a change from recent action. The Dow lost a modest 89-points, but that was nearly 250-points off the highs, while the small caps gained a respectable 0.24%, although that was barely noticeable on its volatile ...
  3. Volatility peaking - big reversal on Friday

    The volatility continued on Friday with a big rally to start the day that completely failed, but revived itself by mid-afternoon. We had a "V" reversal on the intraday chart, now the bulls are hoping for a "V" reversal on the daily chart, but the bears may not be that quick to give up. The Dow gained 287-points on the day, but it took a lot of detours to get there. The small caps and I-fund lagged again while tech stocks ...
  4. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    Welcome to October. Most were given their second reality check this year of the risk in stock investing. It was a case of the butterfly effect where the true beginning is nearly impossible to pinpoint but left investors and analysts pointing their finger at high bond yields sparking the technical unwinding of stocks. We saw small caps begin to unwind last week and finally large caps were unable to hang on. The sell-off started Wednesday and continued Thursday.

    Bonds were the safety ...
  5. Sell-off continued Thursday - where's the bottom?

    It was another turbulent day on Wall Street yesterday with the Dow losing another 546-points. That was actually off the -699 lows, but the two-day total was more than 1300-points. The bulls made some intraday attempts, but midday rallies were being sold. There were some signs of oversold exhaustion, but in this emotional environment, we can't really count on typical reactions. It will more likely be wild gyrations until either the bulls ...
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