I am not one to be too interested in cryptocurrency. But when my friend text me asking if I've ever heard of Dogecoin while I'm sitting at my computer I'm quick to jump in. Apparently its a cryptocurrency that is essentially worthless because there is no cap on how much can be mined (much like the dollar ). But members of the very popular social media platform TikTok are attempting to get rich quick with the 'dogecoin tiktok challenge'. Essentially members are urging others to buy this worthless cryptocurrency preaching a get rich quick scandal to pump the price and get out. So far its working. In just a few days the price jumped more than 100% although is now up around just 75% in the last few days. Might be the beginning of the the end but the power of manipulation is growing to fascinating levels now that everyone with a dollar and a computer is a trader.

TikTok traders are pumping joke cryptocurrency Dogecoin—and the price is up 95%