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Thread: Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)

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    Default Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)

    Most of the profits made in crypto these days are from investing in a coin during its ICO phase. Unfortunately for US citizens, most of these projects do not allow us to invest at ICO. A few do, and most also have some kind of bounty or referral program that anyone can participate in to earn free coins.

    Here's an easy one. "savedroid" is the coin. They already have a product (it's a German smartphone app with a claimed 200,000+ users), which is more than most crypto start ups can say. They don't allow US citizens to invest in the ICO, but they offer both bounty and referral programs and basically give you 100 SVD (their coin) just for joining their Telegram channel. Check it out, sign up, and get your free coins. They are selling them at roughly 1 penny each right now, but who knows, maybe they will get up to a dollar or two (or more?) after they hit an exchange. Some of these ICOs bust and some of them are huge money makers. This one is free for us so you can't lose anything but time. I'm going to look more into their bounties to see if I can grab a few more coins that way.

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    Cryptocurrency influencers hype up coin offerings, sometimes making $105,000 a tweet

    That’s thanks to the thriving but murky world of cryptocurrency “bounty campaigns,” where social media influencers get paid to promote initial coin offerings, or ICOs, by the entrepreneurs (and in some cases scammers) behind those offerings. The practice isn’t new — crypto celebrity John McAfee has long been a promoter-for-hire, saying in March that he charged $105,000 per tweet. But the endorsements are playing an ever-bigger role in ICO marketing after internet giants including Google, Facebook and Twitter moved to ban cryptocurrency advertisements this year.
    Cryptocurrency influencers hype up coin offerings, sometimes making $105,000 a tweet
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