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Thread: 2020 Final AutoTracker Winners!

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    Thumbs up 2020 Final AutoTracker Winners!

    The Final 2020 AutoTracker numbers have been posted...

    And the top 10 "Full Year*" Annual Returns Contest winners are:

    (* only accounts that were active the entire year qualified and have signed into the AutoTracker and / or the Forum within the last 60 days.)

    Limited supplies on some physical prizes so it will be first come, first serve. Amazon eGift Cards are always available.

    Congratulations on a great year in a weak market!

    1st place) sparky714 has the choice of $100 Amazon eGift Card OR any two items on the prize page (including 1st place only prizes)

    2nd and 3rd place) tom1tom1 and GreggyD can choose a $50 Amazon eGift Card OR two non-1st place items off the
    prize page.

    4th thru 10th places) $25 Amazon eGift Cards

    I will send each of you a Private Message. Let me know the prize(s) you choose, your shipping information and..

    ... If you choose an Amazon eGift Card, it will be sent electronically to your email account so please provide your address.

    Great job everyone!

    It was another great year. Thanks for participating! Happy New Year and good luck in 2021!!

    For the full list of standings, please go to: TSP Talk AutoTracker
    Market Commentary | My Blog | TSP Talk Plus | |

    I am not a Registered Investment Advisor. Do your own due diligence.

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    Default Re: 2020 Final AutoTracker Winners!

    Congratulations to the yearly winners. Especially after the March losses.
    May the force be with us.

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    Default Re: 2020 Final AutoTracker Winners!

    Yes, indeed. Congratulations especially to the top 50 with those incredible returns and to anyone else that came from way, way back to actually have a positive return. What a crazy year!

    Sparky 714... I’m in awe!

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