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Thread: May 2016 AutoTracker Winners!

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    Default May 2016 AutoTracker Winners!

    The May 2016 results are in and here are the top returns...

    Congratulations! Great job!

    The top two get their choice of prize with 1st place having a few more Options
    - If you are interested, please pick one of the prizes* on this page: The Monthly Prizes

    All of those who tied for 3rd can get a
    16 oz. GoCup Travel Tumblers


    ... and PM me your choice and your shipping information (even if you've sent it before).

    I will also need ...

    ... If you are taking any shirts, I will need your size.

    ... If you choose an Amazon Gift Card, it can be physically mailed or sent electronically to your email account. If you choose email, please let me know your email address.

    Great job everyone!

    Don't wait too long! You have 60-days to claim your prize.

    To view all monthly returns, see TSP Talk AutoTracker
    or go to the tracker page TSP Talk AutoTracker
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    I am not a Registered Investment Advisor. Do your own due diligence.

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    Default Re: May 2016 AutoTracker Winners!

    Good returns in this CRAZY Market!
    LS CRUDE Oil
    =$63.46 a Barrel, Daily Status +$.31


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May 2016 AutoTracker Winners!
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May 2016 AutoTracker Winners!
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May 2016 AutoTracker Winners!
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