View Full Version : Reverse stock split

02-23-2011, 08:25 PM
So my long shot at Allied Irish Bank (AIB) did a 5:1 reverse split today. Not quite sure how to calculate this into my windows sidebar "stocks" widget to track my gains or losses.
Origionally I purchased x15 shares @ $1.17 ea.
Split says i now own x3 shares & current market value at $9.60.

My brain tells me -
x 15
$17.55 (invested on 12/21/10)

= $5.85

...so essentially should I enter x3 shares purchased today @ $5.85?
Last known share price was $0.77 per before the reverse split took it up to an open of $3.41 today.

Its not a huge deal....nor was teh $30 I threw at this stock knowing the risk, but I'd like to learn for future bad investments :laugh: