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09-04-2010, 12:59 AM
Maybe this belongs in the lounge. Tom, make your decision.

I would like this thread to be about anyone who ever had a military pay problem over the years. I particularly want stories about people who served in the old days when some services paid you in cash (with favored local merchants in attendance of course, dependants kept away from the pay tables), some by check and some by direct deposit.

Stories about moving from a "JUMPS" base to a non "JUMPS" base, getting told that you must have lost you pay records and would never get paid again though you were not allowed to carry the records because "it's all centralized", dependents getting the sacred BAQ/BAS check in the mail though you were told you were not authorized, having some E-3 stop BAS/BAQ because he/she could. Having to hunt down your 1st Sergeant in a bar to get that changed. You know, the typical stuff.

JUMPS may not be an acronym known to many today. Joint Uniform Military Pay System. DFAS's roots.

The system may not be seamless today, as I do know two E-7s who transferred from active duty to full time active duty national guard. To the best of my knowledge neither has recieved all their back pay. Hell, what's a couple months E-7 pay?

Bring it on people, I am looking for old LES from the 70s. Scan them in and show that I had direct deposit twice a month, an allotment of the BAS/BAQ and made a whole $288 per month. BAQ/BAS amounted to $149 per month IIRC.