View Full Version : Reservist Differential Pay Guide is out

12-11-2009, 12:06 AM
OPM published their new guide to Reservist Differential Pay- which will cover the difference between Active Duty pay and Federal Employee pay.

This was one of the key reasons I retired several years ago- I couldn't afford the pay cut (O-3E vs. GS-13)to go on active duty any more. Now I could, if I wanted, go back in as an E4 and still get my Federal pay if I wanted.

Details, if you are interested, follow. We worked very hard in our Union to get this pay passed into law- thank you Illinois Senator Dick Durban for making it possible. We lobbied him hard, and he carried the ball to help soldiers not have to sacrifice their pay too when called up.

"...Under section 5538, each agency that employs a civilian employee who is entitled to the reservist differential is responsible for paying the differential on a biweekly basis using funds in the same appropriation or fund that would have been used to pay the employee’s civilian salary if he or she were in a civilian pay status."

Details of the new Reservist Pay Differential guide: