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12-12-2004, 04:41 AM
Bash me some more! You will be the one drinking the cool aide.



The national sales tax would replace all personal and corporate income taxes, Social Security, Medicare, and payroll taxes, and gift and estate taxes with a new national sales tax on goods like groceries, clothing, new home sales and apartment rents, and health care services. This newfederal tax system would be applied on top of existing state sales taxes. This proposal would increase taxes by about $6,200 a year for 80 percent of taxpayers, and potentially more for some families.


Families with children. Families with children are hit the hardest, as this proposal would eliminate all the current law tax benefits for these families, including the child tax credit. A middle class family with four children with a combined income of $65,000 would face an increase of more than $9,000 in their tax liability.

New homeowners. The tax hike proposal would eliminate the tax deduction that families get on their home mortgages and apply this new sales percent tax to the cost of a home. If a family buys a new house listed for $150,000, the new tax brings the actual purchase price to $225,000.

Jump in property taxes. The sales tax hike would require states to send an additional $300 billion to the federal government in sales taxes -- a tax increase that states would immediately pass on to residents. Arkansas, Delaware, Kentucky, Hawaii, and New Jersey could all see property tax increases higher than 400 percent. The lowest state property tax hike possible -- in New Hampshire -- would still be more than 80 percent. (There you go wheels).

Gas and electricity. The average family would pay an additional 80 cents a gallon for gasoline -- a new tax that will hit families in rural areas particularly hard. Families with large home heating or cooling bills also will be harmed.

:shock: I am sure that monthly rebate check (that will probably show up three months after the fact) will make up the difference. Everything is great!


12-12-2004, 04:51 AM
You're too funny, Bill.:D This is your "baby", isn't it?;)

Maybe you should go to DC to ensure this becomes law??? I'm sure the few proponents of this legislation could use the support! Just kidd'n... :D

No, I'm no nay-sayer.:end: I just don't seethis happening any time soon.

When do you believe this will be on-line???

God Bless:^

12-12-2004, 06:00 AM

Wrong again. Readthe AP story that just came out.

Ensure you keep your rosy glasses firmly on your head first thou. :cool:

What I see is the social security reform will pass...everyone will be all smiles and this one will come down the pike.

We will just give your cool aide through a IV directly into your vein. You probably are unable to get the cup to your mouth with the way you bash me without during some research on your own.

That was a classic you bash me that I am making a big stink because you do not seethis passing anytime soon and less then 10 minutes later a AP article hits the wires that this IS THE TOP ISSUE FOR THE BUSH ADMISTRATION.

Stop being a sheep and open your eyes.


12-12-2004, 03:55 PM
C'mon Bill... I'm in no way "bashing" you. I'm just trying to understand this whole thing. Take a chill pill, and stop becoming so defensive.

God Bless:^