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Just joined TspTalk premium services but have been an avid reader of the website for a couple of years now. Have found it to be very informative and have used it as an additional investing tool. You can never have enough good information in the topsy turvy world of investing. One thing I like about this forum is that it is common investors informing each other with investment ideas. I myself am going on 26 yrs fed service and look for every edge possible in increasing my retirement. I also invest outside my TSP. I have learned alot long the way and will try to share what I can along the way. Been in the G fund since March of last year but will be looking for opportunities to test the waters in 09. Still in capital preservation mode right now - alot of hurdles to overcome in 2009. On the question about shares purchased on payday Friday I would think it'd be that Friday morning. Others here may have a better idea. Anyways look forward to your emails and have a happy new year of investing.

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Welcome Fastrader! I moved your post to give you your own thread.

Congrats on being in the G fund since March. Nice job!

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Welcome Fastrader,

Good Luck and Happy New Year.


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Welcome to the Message Board Fastrader!!:D

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Getting ready for my nightly research period. I do alot of reading as I'm sure most of you do. One of my tools are watchlists of stocks divided by sectors i.e. financials, energy, biotech, technology, precious metals, steel industry, shippers/railway, retail, pharmaceutical, infrastructure etc. Alot of these are what is being recommended as upcoming leaders in there industry. I use these lists to see if the so called analysts know what they are talking about and to see just where the money is flowing to. I also try to find that one pick or picks in each watchlist that is truly a leader in their industry. Just because a particular stock's share price is rising doesn't make it a leader but it is a good place to start. Next would be the fundamentals. Fridays action was an eye opener however I'm still taking a wait and see. Where did the money flow to - steel stocks especially, infrastructure - like waterwork stocks, precious metals like gold, transports - like dryshippers, energy stocks etc. Looks like these very well may be leaders into 09. We shall see - these are simply the sectors getting alot of trading activity on Friday - may be too early to tell but worth watching. Obviously investors and traders have there eyes on the infrastructure plays going into 09. I do find a gem amongst these lists now and then. Sorry for the long thread - thought I'd share some ideas - take care - and I thankyou all for the warm welcome - FASTRADER

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Welcome FASTRADER. With our TSP 12 noon deadline being a faster trader can be good, or bad depending on the market in the following days. I wouldn't put your whole pot into the CSI funds at once. Myself, I have 12% at risk and thats about all this retired guy can afford, unless I get the scoop of the lifetime (someone please hurry with that).:worried::worried: