View Full Version : TSPTalk Quotes Gadget for Windows Vista

Low Ki
03-10-2008, 09:22 PM
As some of you may have seen in Tom's update a couple weeks ago or on the front page of the site, there is now a Windows Vista gadget available for tracking the TSP markets. This pulls in the live Yahoo Finance charts (with a 20 minute delay) for you to view right from your sidebar.

There are two versions, the first (the original) shows smaller versions of the chart right in the sidebar, then you can click to expand and get more a detailed look at the charts.


There were some requests to have a smaller version that doesn't take up as much screen space on the sidebar, so that is where the second version (the "Mini") comes in. This version doesn't show any charts in the sidebar, but when you click on the link in the gadget it expands to show the full charts and information like the original.


If you are interested in either of these gadgets, you can learn more and download them from here: http://www.reedconsultingonline.com/products/Software/Gadgets/TSPTalkQuotes.htm

If you have any feedback, requests for future enhancements, features, etc., feel free to either post them here or follow the email me directions found at the link above. Since these are the first versions, I focused on the core functionality, but am certainly open to adding new features and will also work on making it look "prettier" in future releases.

Please note, this only works with Windows Vista currently, however, I am planning to make a Google Gadget version in the future though.

Thanks for your time for reading this.

Thanks for your support in putting this together, Tom. Hopefully this gives a little something back to the TSP Talk community.