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05-10-2022, 11:14 AM
At this point we have decided not to incorporate the new mutual funds being offered by the the TSP into our AutoTracker.

The reasons being that there will be some 5000 options, and it would be too daunting of a task to program that in. Plus the fees involved (see below) would also impact the return of allocated in these funds, and so we would not be able to accurately reflect this in our returns.

So, for now, we keep the Autotracker as is. If we decide that some of the Premium Services will use a couple of these new funds, we may incorporate those funds at some point into the Autotracker just to keep the services accountable by accurately tracking their return, but we still do not know what those funds are so we can not speculate at this time.

We will keep you up to date as we get more information.


From tsp.gov:

Mutual fund window

The mutual fund window is designed for TSP participants who are interested in greater investment flexibility. If your account meets certain eligibility criteria, you can choose to access a selection of more than 5,000 mutual funds. As with most mutual funds, this flexibility comes with fees:

$55 annual fee to ensure that use of the mutual fund window does not indirectly increase TSP administrative expenses for TSP participants who choose not to use the mutual fund window.
$95 annual maintenance fee
$28.75 per trade fee
Other fees and expenses specific to chosen mutual funds

If you choose to invest through the mutual fund window, your initial investment must be at least $10,000, and you may not invest more than 25% of your total account in the mutual fund window.


06-06-2022, 10:01 AM
Here is a list of the New Mutual Funds:

xlsx: https://www.tsptalk.com/returns/TSP-Mutual-Funds.xlsx

PDF: https://www.tsptalk.com/returns/TSP-Mutual-Funds.pdf