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08-22-2018, 03:33 PM
There are probably a ton of sites that show crypto-currency quotes, but I found a nice clean on on CNBC...


Any others that are worth mentioning?

08-24-2021, 02:29 PM
Coinbase slammed for what users say is terrible customer service after hackers drain their accounts


CNBC interviewed Coinbase users across the country and found thousands of customer complaints against the company.

The interviews and complaints revealed a pattern of account takeovers, where users see money suddenly vanish from their account, followed by poor customer service from the company.

Coinbase’s customer service has been primarily via email, and many customers say it is hard to reach representatives and that they have not been made whole for their losses.

Former employees say the company’s customer service practices shifted over time, with representatives struggling to keep up with demand.

A spokesperson for the cryptocurrency exchange said the company is working on customer service and soon rolling out more support channels.
Source: https://www.cnbc.com/2021/08/24/coinbase-slammed-for-terrible-customer-service-after-hackers-drain-user-accounts.html

08-24-2021, 04:08 PM
RE: "hacked" accounts

No way there is an exploit at Coinbase so the issues lie with the user.

For starters, if you have $100k+, you should be using a hardware wallet. Sounds like these were targeted attacks if it involves SIM swapping. That means the attacker knew the person had a coinbase account and perhaps how much was in it. How'd they get that information? I'd bet these people were bragging on social media or made a post somewhere indicating their account value. People still post things like, "Hey guys, the whole family is going out of town for a week," just to get "likes".