View Full Version : NEWBIE - ALERT!

07-01-2005, 08:49 AM
Greetings from Everett Washington, I just found this site and said WOW, what a great idea; lots of information and a good looking discussion group! :dude:

I'm Active Duty / E5 / CTA / 6-years until retirement. I've been promoting TSP since its creation for military personnel back in 2001 ....

My fund is maxed out @ 100% for everything (deposit in to TSP wise).

Unfortunately, for me, I've been lazy and not payed much attention to my fund, basically, just letting it sit there, doing its thang... I've got roughly 10K saved, not bad for doing nothing, but I want more, I WANT to learn more.

Thank you for running this site and I hope to be a returning visitor (granting my deployment schedule).

Any way, thank you, just wanted to say hello, if anyone wants a USS MOMSEN (DDG 92) hat, feel free to ping me, they are about $10.00 (gosh, I remember when hats where $5-7 per hat)....just let me know...you can ping me over at "garnertr(at)momsen.navy.mil" ...

Oh yeah, I'm a friendly chap, like to chat, so, if anyone just wants to chit-chat, feel free to e-mail my work-account, sea life is hectic and busy, but I can always make room to say hello and how are you doing... not to mention if anyone wants to know about life on the Navy side (from an E5 perspective), I'd be happy to share any knowledge.. or if your coming to the Everett area, I can at least get ya going for base telephone numbers, location, housing (how it works here)...

ttyl :)

Thomas Garner