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  1. Pay!
  2. War drags on Manpower
  3. Reservists have to battle to get job back
  4. Things that tick you off.
  5. Life in the Military today
  6. Thank you Veterans
  7. DoD proposes changes to Military TSP
  8. Cool Pics
  9. Aging vet recalled.....
  10. DoD Homeowners Assistance Program (HAP)
  11. To all those serving
  12. KBR Sued in WV
  13. "Stop Loss" Pay- retroactive!
  14. Former soldier wins $4.3 million judgement
  15. DoD Release- Us & China military to military contacts
  16. breach of contract with the national guard
  17. Four Stars for Hire
  18. Reservist Differential Pay Guide is out
  19. General bans pregnancy
  20. Gray Area Retiree Tri-Care soon
  21. Navy Cross
  22. 2011 Military Budget
  23. Vietnam
  24. DoD Release- January suicide data continues to climb
  25. Agent orange and you
  26. Union Veterans News
  27. Burger King, Pizza Hut banned in Afghanistan
  28. Clean Energy- means good jobs
  29. C-17 goes down
  30. Military Pay system over the years
  31. New Illnesses added for VA Compensation
  32. This week in Afghanistan
  33. PFC Cody A. Board. Welcome Home.
  34. Military related Music Video
  35. Picture of the day
  36. Military Historic Theater
  37. Carrier video
  38. Last surviving WW I vet celebrates birthday
  39. Breaking- Libya attack
  40. IF there is a US Govt shutdown...
  42. Khobar Towers
  43. Military Pay Raise for 2012 moves ahead
  44. Bad, bad news- 37 killed as Chinook Helicopter shot down
  45. Congressional Medal of Honor
  46. Tribute to the 30 Fallen Navy Seals (Please lleave politics outside the door)
  47. Petition to save military pensions
  48. Remember them.
  49. Just Curios- Navy.
  50. Pray for our soldiers
  51. Retired military- Tri-CARE proposed fees
  52. National POW/MIA recognition day
  53. In honor of Veterans Day
  54. Afghanistan
  55. KC-135 down
  56. Memorial Day
  57. National Guard troops and staff to be furloughed
  58. TriCare Prime and Medicare
  59. Defense Unveils Options to Overhaul Military Retirement System
  60. Military Compensation Commission report
  61. TriCare Prime not free for life retiree medical care
  62. House passes major Military Retirement overhaul
  63. Healing the past
  65. Sniper takes out ISIS executioner from a mile away
  66. Pentagon Spells Out Details of Troops' New Retirement System
  67. US NAVY
  68. TriCare Retiree Dental Program (TRDP)