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  1. Real Deal
  2. Housing Market
  3. private property rights
  4. Housing Markets Across the US
  5. Creating a Real Estate Boom
  6. New Reit Fund
  7. longer term mortgages
  8. Investment properties and tax write offs
  9. Lending Standards Plumb New Depths
  10. Push your Senators to S1313
  11. Should TSP Invest in Real Estate Fund?
  12. theft of private property
  13. Confiscated property
  14. The hunt for a bargain property
  15. Found One
  16. Renter No More
  17. Mortgage rates up...affordability down
  18. Investor's Lament
  19. Borrowing from TSP for land
  20. Real Estate is so boring
  21. Exponential Return on Your Investment
  22. Trading Places (Info only)
  23. Flippers Beware
  24. Rei Casting Call
  25. Investing in Costa Rica?
  26. TSP & ROTH vs. Real Estate Retirement
  27. Pyriel Real Estate Corner
  28. Have You Seen This Tool?
  29. Homeowner's insurance
  30. Investing in Storage Units
  31. My Flip
  32. Real Estate Goals
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  34. Renting a Vacation Home
  35. Rent or flip?
  36. Mobile Homes
  37. Real Problems or Not
  38. Break even point for TSP real estate loan?
  39. TSP for House Down Payment
  40. How do lenders view TSP loans used for down payments?
  41. over a barrel
  42. AFGE Launches "Save My Home"
  43. 1/2 price HUD homes
  44. Mortgage Rates
  45. Playing The Point Spread
  46. Peeked at my Prince William County Assesment 2007
  47. Housing Tax Credits
  48. Ok, now I've heard everything: "Exploding ARMs"
  49. Buying a House - Interest Rate Question
  50. Using TSP Funds for Land Purchases.. any downside?
  51. Foreclosures in Military Towns Surge at Four Times U.S. Rate
  52. Personal observation of Real Estate in my area
  53. Buyer incentives First Home
  54. CAP rate & NOI
  55. Home Prices
  56. Foreclosure Alley in South California
  57. Contrarian Sign?
  58. Mortgage Rates May Fall to WWII Low on Fed Purchases
  59. Proof of rental income schedule E. Quarterly taxes?
  60. Bottom?
  61. TSP Loan for down payment - turnaround time
  62. The American Dream
  63. Toxic Drywall imported 2005-2007 from China
  64. "Underwater" Mortgage debt
  65. Jumbo Mortgage Delinquencies Soar as High-End Home Inventory Builds
  66. Big Banks Accused of Short Sale Fraud
  67. Countrywide's Lawn Service - at double the usual price
  68. Mortgage rates spiking higher
  69. 2nd home purchase
  70. Bullish on housing next?
  71. Real Estate Investing?
  72. Mortgage protection insurance
  73. Need Real Estate Help Please
  74. Taxes and loss on home sale
  75. Mortgage refi
  76. Amerisave mortgage broker question
  77. Bought a "Short Sale" Home
  78. Let us do a rental property exercise
  79. Real estate Help
  80. VA and real estate
  81. Monopoly Game for Real
  82. Current mortgage and TSP loan
  83. In service withdrawal
  84. Time to Refinance Mortgage?
  85. Save for Retirement or a House?
  86. Housing Bubble