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  1. Stock futures point to higher start
  2. This Company Is Doing Right by Investors
  3. Apple, RIM, AMD lead techs up
  4. Pro: Now Is the Time to Hedge
  5. No major progress in ‘cliff’ talks: Boehner
  6. [video] Wealthy Cliff-Proofing Cash
  7. [video] Gender Approach to Investing: Women More Conservative
  8. Is This Bad News for the Housing Recovery?
  9. Will Surprise GDP Growth Spur the Markets?
  10. Is Bernanke Right About the Fiscal Cliff?
  11. Support and resistance levels for the main securities
  12. This Data Reveals Some Upside for the Global Economy
  13. How I’m investing for the rest of 2012
  14. Stock Futures Rise Ahead of Income, Spending Data
  15. Tax surprise could hit bond ETF investors
  16. Politico’s Ben White: Get Ready for a Market Rally Because a Fiscal Cliff Deal Is Com
  17. Draghi: This Union Will Save the Euro Zone
  18. The Strongest and Weakest Names in the S&P 500
  19. Does the Fiscal Cliff Need a Road Trip?
  20. Stocks Head Lower to End November
  21. Cliff fight may knock out December rally
  22. [video] Should GOP Dive Off the Fiscal Cliff?
  23. [video] Fiscal Cliff Finger Pointing
  24. Stocks Are Flat, but Buffett Finds Value
  25. Stormy Weather for Market as Washington Bickers
  26. German Lawmakers Give Greece Some Good News
  27. EBay’s Tax Problems, Zynga’s Relationship Problems, Greece’s Debt Problems: Market Re
  28. Boehner: The Dog Days of the Fiscal Cliff Are Here
  29. Will These New Sanctions Be Effective Against Iran?
  30. Consumer Spending Drops, BP Receives U.S. Ban: Weekly Market Recap
  31. Does Warren Buffett Have the Right Ideas to Fix America’s Economy?
  32. The Top 3 Dow Stocks This Week
  33. Here’s Why Companies are Rushing to Pay Out Higher Dividends
  34. 3 Numbers That Will Drive Stocks This Week
  35. Geithner predicts Republicans will accept tax hike
  36. Will Santa Show Up for Stock Market Investors?
  37. [video] Tackling the Fiscal Cliff
  38. Support and resistance levels for the main securities
  39. STOCKS NEWS EUROPE-Europe funds take in money on U.S. boost-EPFR
  40. Stock Futures Rise Ahead of ISM Data
  41. [video] Squawk Takes a Stand: Get Defensive, Pro
  42. [video] Look Ahead to Jobs Friday
  43. Fiscal Cliff Talks at Stalemate But Markets Still Betting on a Deal
  44. Wall Street up on China, but U.S. factory data pares gains
  45. S&P 500 Index at a Crucial Crossroad
  46. Manufacturing Shrinks, and Stocks Start December Weak
  47. Daily Game Plan: Gap and Fade
  48. Dell’s Upgrade, Delta’s Huge Deal, and the Real Fiscal Cliff: Market Recap
  49. Oracle active, Geron shares fall after hours
  50. Here’s the Real Fiscal Cliff Facing Americans
  51. What December Holds for Stocks
  52. [video] Scenarios For Millionaires In 2013
  53. Support and resistance levels for the main securities
  54. China’s stock market is a value trap
  55. [video] Squawk Takes a Stand: Princely Price For Plaza
  56. High-speed trading hurts smaller investors, raises risks: report
  57. Stocks Slip as U.S. and Eurozone Uncertainties Fester
  58. Are Banks Still Too Big to Fail?
  59. Stocks Flat as Fiscal-Cliff Negotiations Stall
  60. [video] Dire Prediction: 0% Growth
  61. SEC Crossfire, the Fiscal Cliff, and Nokia’s New Deal: Market Recap
  62. [video] Lightning Round
  63. Wall Street’s Waiting Game
  64. The European Banking Union Is Not So United
  65. Dow Poised for Early Gains
  66. ES Support and Resistance for December 5
  67. [video] False Assumptions and the Fiscal Cliff
  68. U.S. stocks gain; Dow industrials up 112 points
  69. Dow Soars 100; Nasdaq Down as Apple Falls
  70. China Breakout to Drive Melt-Up?
  71. Stocks end mostly higher on hopes for cliff deal
  72. Choppy Wall St ends mostly up, Apple falls
  73. Choppy Wall Street ends mostly up, Apple falls
  74. Asia stocks mostly higher, as Japan shines
  75. Apple Shares Attacked, Can Santa Save the Day?
  76. [video] Owens: President Obama Has Anti-Black Policies
  77. Nikkei rises to seven-month high above 9,500; in overbought territory
  78. Is Bernanke Re-Loading His Monetary Bazooka?
  80. Dow to Open Flat Amid Fiscal-Cliff Uncertainty
  81. Jobs Report Preview: Resist the Urge to Panic on Weakness Says Wilkinson
  82. Factor Advisors Launches Commodity Focused ETFs
  83. Wall St gains as Apple rebounds; fiscal talks eyed
  84. Stocks Hug Flatline; Techs Gain, Industrials Lag
  85. Thursday’s biggest movers: Akamai jumps 10%
  86. Stocks Climb as Apple Shares Rebound
  87. [video] US in Recession Since July?
  88. [video] Global Stock Market Rally Rolls On
  89. Clock Continues to Tick on the Fiscal Cliff
  90. Apple Gets Patriotic and Lululemon Beats Expectations: Market Recap
  91. Jobs and Layoffs: Bad Now, Better Than Last Year
  92. Stock index futures fall, focus on jobs data
  93. U.S. stock index futures fall, focus on jobs data
  94. How Much Does the Fed Distort the Housing Market?
  95. Stock Futures Rise After Strong Jobs Report
  96. US STOCKS SNAPSHOT-Futures turn positive after payrolls data
  97. The World Meets Apple’s Tim Cook
  98. European stocks mixed on US jobs data
  99. [video] Traders Top Three Trades
  100. Shares, dollar up modestly after strong jobs data
  101. [video] Options Action: How Low Can Apple Go?
  102. Unemployment Drops, Consumer Confidence Plunges, and Netflix is Questioned: Market Re
  103. Wall Street Week Ahead: "Cliff" worries may drive tax selling
  104. [video] Black Boxes Threatening Privacy?
  105. Consumer Confidence Plunges Over the Cliff
  106. Here’s What the ECB Predicts For Next Year
  107. November Job Report Beats Expectations Despite Fiscal Cliff Uncertainty
  108. Better-than-Expected Job Report, Citigroup Cuts Workforce: Weekly Market Recap
  109. Obama, Rubio continue fiscal-cliff stumping
  110. Is Ben Bernanke Getting Ready to Grow the Fed’s Balance Sheet?
  111. Greek Bond Buyback Program Wins Critical Support
  112. Obama: We Can Avoid the Fiscal Cliff
  113. Wall St Week Ahead: "Cliff" worries may drive tax selling
  114. Washington Will Drive Stocks This Week
  115. Asia stocks gain after U.S., China data
  116. Investors Eye Fiscal Cliff Countdown and Possible Santa Surprises
  117. Stock index futures signal lower Wall Street open
  118. U.S. stock index futures signal lower Wall St open
  119. 14 TRADING DAYS LEFT IN 2012
  120. ES Support and Resistance for December 10
  121. Are Consumers Wobbling or Just Waiting for Deals?
  122. Apple’s Future, FedEx’s Record, and McDonald’s Beat: Market Recap
  123. Is the U.S. Economic Expansion in Jeopardy?
  124. Asia stocks mostly higher, but Japan lags
  125. [video] GOP 2012: What Went Wrong?
  126. Support and resistance levels for the main securities
  127. Stock Upgrades: Glass Half Full for Monster Beverage
  128. Adobe Systems Fourth Quarter Earnings Sneak Peek
  129. U.S. stock futures rise on fiscal-cliff hopes
  130. Does Fiscal Cliff Silence Really Mean Progress?
  131. U.S. stocks rally on hopes for budget deal
  132. Here’s your best bet to beat a ‘rigged’ market
  133. Brian’s Tuesday recap: China data looks iffy
  134. Big tech boosts S&P 500 to best close since election
  135. [video] Overpaid Federal Worker Boom
  136. Was Greece’s Debt Buyback a Success?
  137. Delta’s Deal and the Government’s Huge Sale: Market Recap
  138. Trade Deficit: Here’s More Bad News for the U.S. Economic Recovery
  139. Will Bernanke Get it Right This Time?
  140. Support and resistance levels for the main securities
  141. How Apple, S&P 500 perform on repeating date days
  142. Treasurys steady; more Fed stimulus expected
  143. Stocks extend gains after Fed unveils stimulus plan
  144. U.S. stocks add to gains after Fed move
  145. CA shares up, Harbinger falls after hours
  146. [video] Dealbook Conference; Apple TV on the Way?
  147. The Cure for Low-Wage Jobs
  148. Asia stocks mostly higher after Fed
  149. Will This Banking Compromise Satisfy Germany?
  150. Solar Stocks Surge and Bernanke Launches QE4: Market Recap
  151. Is the Fiscal Cliff Just Too Big to Save?
  152. Stock futures point to flat-to-lower start
  153. Will November’s High Sales Fall Over the Cliff?
  154. Will Wal-Mart Bag Its Holiday Turkey?
  155. US STOCKS SNAPSHOT - Nasdaq falls more than 1 pct
  156. Is This Labor Department Report a Sign of Recovery?
  157. Adobe shares jump, VeriFone falls after hours
  158. U.S. fund investors pour $8.68 billion into stock ETFs: Lipper
  159. [video] Time to Worry About Rising Rates?
  160. Santa Bernanke Delivers Early Christmas
  161. Last Call: Holiday Season
  162. How to protect your retirement in 2013
  163. Stock futures signal early gains
  164. [video] Congress Leaves Town, Boehner Meets With Obama
  165. Stock market remains on fiscal-cliff watch
  166. When Will the Unemployment Rate Fall?
  167. Charles Schwab off as financials fall
  168. GLOBAL MARKETS-Shares falter on US fiscal worry; oil up on China
  169. [video] Stocks Edge Lower
  170. Stocks Dip, Led by Techs; Apple Declines 4%
  171. Wall St Week Ahead: Holiday "on standby" as clock ticks on cliff
  172. MarketWatch’s top 10 stories, Dec. 10–14
  173. This Company Is Investing in Itself -- Should You?
  174. Nassim Taleb on the Benefits of Uncertainty
  175. Is Greece Out of the Woods?
  176. Nassim Taleb on Simple Ways to Fix Big Banks
  177. Are You Ready for QE4?
  178. What Nassim Taleb Is Investing In
  179. McDonald’s November Sales Up, Apple Hits 10-Month Low: Weekly Market Recap
  180. Nassim Taleb on the Fiscal Cliff
  181. Fiscal-cliff effect on data focus of coming week
  182. American Express: A Look Back at 2012
  183. Is the Fiscal Cliff Calm Brewing Up a Market Storm?
  184. The Fiscal Cliff and Housing Are in Focus This Week
  185. Fiscal Cliff Worries Couldn’t Push Down This Economic Indicator
  186. Nassim Taleb on Skin in the Game
  187. Stock futures signal flat to higher open
  188. U.S. stocks gain modestly on budget hopes
  189. U.S. stocks open higher on budget optimism
  190. This Is the Reason the S&P 500 Roared Higher
  191. Clearwire shares slip in trading after hours
  192. Fiscal Cliff: New Chapter, Same Story
  193. 3 Stocks Delivering Market-Beating Returns
  194. Is Success Even Possible in This ‘Powerball’ Economy?
  195. Stock futures point to higher open
  196. Investors Inch Closer to Fiscal Cliff Deal Holiday Cheer
  197. Valero Energy, EOG Resources, and Tesoro Among Strongest Stocks in S&P 500
  198. Tuesday’s big movers; Gold ETF weakens over 1%
  199. Last Chance for a Pre-Christmas Fiscal Cliff Deal
  200. Homebuilders Continue to Raise Confidence Levels
  201. Stocks Soar as Budget Deal Takes Shape
  202. Stocks Continue the Party on Fiscal Cliff Optimism
  203. Is Cash Holding the Economy Back?
  204. On Boehner, on Reid, on Cantor and Pelosi
  205. [video] Unions to Shut Down Ports Again?
  206. Is it Time for Banks to Say Good-Bye to TARP?
  207. U.S. stock futures higher ahead of housing starts
  208. Stock index futures trade flat to higher
  209. Stocks lose gains on White House ‘cliff’ talks
  210. Apple weighs on techs, but Oracle rises
  211. Republicans ‘puzzling’ on cliff deal: Obama
  212. How to Invest in a Low-Growth World
  213. A Brief History of the Debt Limit
  214. Is Boehner’s Fiscal Cliff ‘Plan B’ a Workable Solution?
  215. [video] Are Violent Video Games to Blame?
  216. [video] Big Government Spending
  217. Fed-Fueled Housing Recovery Loses Some Steam
  218. Dow May Start Flat as Cliff Fears Grow
  219. U.S. Home Sales Boosted By Record Low Interest Rates and Inventory Levels
  220. Wall Street flat amid stalemate in fiscal talks
  221. Republican ‘Plan B’ heads for House vote
  222. Daily Game Plan: Waiting Game
  223. U.S. stock end higher, led by financial sector
  224. Global Financial Markets Need to Coordinate Now or Pay the Price Later
  225. [video] Iuorio: Market Has Been Buoyant on Plan B
  226. Stock futures drop after Boehner "cliff" vote falls short
  227. Fiscal Cliff Showdown: Are Republicans All-In?
  228. GDP Is Up, But Will It Stay Up?
  229. Plan B Scrapped: Stock Futures Head Over Fiscal Cliff
  231. Cash Is King: Printing of $100 Bills Soars
  232. Boehner’s No-Brainer; Let The White House Own It
  233. Consumer Confidence Takes Another Plunge Over the Fiscal Cliff
  234. Bill Gross: Fed’s “Hot Air” Will Keep Bond Bubble Afloat in 2013
  235. Apple’s Strong iPhone Sales and Boehner’s Fiscal Plan B Fails: Market Recap
  236. Stocks Fall as Republican Leader Loses Control of His Party
  237. Wall Street Week Ahead: A lump of coal for "Fiscal Cliff-mas"
  238. NYSE Euronext Gets Offer, Consumer Confidence Plunges: Weekly Market Recap
  239. The Fiscal Cliff: Don’t Panic, It’s Only Improbable
  240. Fiscal-cliff drama to dominate Christmas week
  241. Stocks to watch Monday: RIM, Nike, Alexza
  242. Crunch Time in Fiscal Cliff Negotiations
  243. US Shares Set for Lower Open Ahead of Holiday
  244. Wall Street edges lower in thin trade
  245. U.S. stocks start lower on fiscal-cliff concerns
  246. Analyst: Blame Market No-Show on Apple
  247. Why the S&P 500 Was Scrooged
  248. Bears Dominate Wall Street Before Holiday
  249. The Fiscal Cliff: Is an 11th Hour Solution All That’s Left?
  250. Lenders Voice Concerns About Greek Tax Crisis