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  1. DJIA, S&P 500 Continue to Outperform Others
  2. Investing: Gold mining funds are hot but risky
  3. Why the market may be underpricing fear
  4. Premarkets: Looking to jobs for direction
  5. U.S. creates 192,000 jobs in March
  6. 10-year Treasury yield death cross could signal bond rally
  7. When NFP disappoints, just STFU and STFR … meanwhile, $VIX is ‘meh’
  8. 3 Months Into 2014, Market Has Barely Budged
  9. Economy Knocking At Recession's Door
  10. 5 Charts to Explain Labor Market Health
  11. What Happens After the Oil Boom?
  12. You Can Afford To Protect Against Bear Markets
  13. House Dems Want EPA to Reopen Investigation on Fracking
  14. March AAII Asset Allocation Survey: Bond Allocations Fall Below 16 Percent
  15. 1 Stock Warren Buffett and Michael Lewis Think You Should Own
  16. Yield curve for US bonds widens, as stock markets fall
  17. Another shaky day on Street? Stocks fall
  18. [video] How to play the Indian market
  19. [video] Gartman: Get out of stocks
  20. Nasdaq tech wreck picks up steam
  21. Premarkets: Where do we go from here?
  22. Stock market live blog: Investors weigh earnings season, fresh Ukraine worries
  23. Biggest billionaire losers of the market's slide
  24. [video] Stocks not oversold ... yet: Pro
  25. The S&P 500's 5 Most Loved Stocks
  26. Line in the sand for market: 1850 on S&P
  27. Yes, It Was A Good Jobs Report
  28. Stocks up as investors wait on Fed minutes
  29. Fed dropped jobless target in secret meeting
  30. Wall Street soars after Fed minutes signal support
  31. Streaking stocks hope to go 3 for 3
  32. Current Outlook For Stocks
  33. Jeff Saut: The bull market will survive a rough spring
  34. AAII Sentiment Survey: Pessimism Jumps to a 9-Week High
  35. Nasdaq posts biggest drop since November 2011
  36. Historic S&P 500 Seasonality is About to Turn Ugly
  37. The correction is on. Here's how bad it's going to get.
  38. Survivorship Bias
  39. Stock futures hit as market pain goes global
  40. How S&P 500 'Puppet Master' Covertly Pulls Strings
  41. Citigroup earnings: here’s what investors can expect
  42. Stocks face earnings blues after tech selloff
  43. Wall Street Week Ahead - Stocks face earnings blues after tech selloff
  44. What to watch: Market-watching takes center stage
  45. 43 Questions for Regulators about High-Frequency Trading
  46. SPY, Gold and AUDCAD Harmonic Scenarios
  47. Wall Street wonders when stock slide will end
  48. Warning: 4 Signs Your 401(k) Is Being Shortchanged
  49. The Market Is Too Dependent On Hopes That Await Evidence
  50. Stocks More Overvalued Than At 10 Of Last 18 Market Peaks
  51. Earnings will put this market to the test
  52. 10 Most Affordable Housing Markets for the Middle Class
  53. Premarkets: Fear, uncertainty and earnings
  54. Stock market live blog: Citi, retail sales lift gloom
  55. [video] Anatomy of a market correction
  56. Why Goodrich Petroleum, WebMD, and Edwards Lifesciences Are Today's 3 Best Stocks
  57. This Might Be the Only Bullish S&P 500 Chart Right Now
  58. 10 Best Foreclosure Markets in America
  59. [video] Inflation key to 10-year yield: Pro
  60. Emotionally driven selloff leaves scars
  61. [video] Market's in bubble territory when ...
  62. Almost All S&P 500 Gains Happen on a Tuesday: StockTwits
  63. Why PetSmart, Inc., Wynn Resorts Ltd., and First Solar, Inc. Are Today's 3 Worst Stoc
  64. Investing 101: Don’t Let Story Time Dictate Your Actions
  65. [video] Coke, Johnson & Johnson report earnings
  66. Simple tips for buying retail stocks
  67. The Yell over-under, fading Madam Hobbit and Sam E’s ‘easiest trade in the books’
  68. Stock Rally: Will Third Time Be A Charm For Dow?
  69. Earnings beats, lots of misses, hang over market
  70. [video] China growth
  71. Stocks rise as investors push rally to fourth day
  72. S&P 500 Short-Term Analysis: The Bears' Last Chance is Now
  73. S&P 500 Rises for Fourth Session; Dow Drops
  74. Asia shares mixed in thin trade; Shanghai falls to 10-day low
  75. Millennials and investing: How to avoid the pitfalls
  76. Drops in 3 leading indexes may be 'canary in the coal mine' for S&P 500: FOREX.com
  77. Why the Dow Jones Industrial Average Is Useless
  78. Investing 101: Don't be fooled by story lines
  79. Is Your Broker Churning Your Investment Account?
  80. Is Natural Gas No Better Than Coal?
  81. Wall Street is awash in cash
  82. U.S. Crude Reserves Hit Highest Levels In Nearly 40 Years
  83. U.S. Gas Prices Rise, But Not Because of Global Factors
  84. This 1 Figure Could Keep the Stock Market From Reaching New Highs
  85. Think rates are too low? Think again.
  86. Market Outlook - Busiest U.S. Factories Since Early 2008
  87. [video] Securing the Boston Marathon
  88. Stocks build on best week since July 2013
  89. The most overlooked sector: Invesco's Ron Sloan
  90. Dennis Gartman says he's back in stocks
  91. Minimum Wage Perspective: CEOs Earn 331 Times the Average U.S. Worker
  92. Minimum Wage Perspective: CEOs Earn 331 Times the Average U.S. Worker
  93. Dennis Gartman goes from 'scared' to 'pleasantly bullish' on stocks
  94. Investors burst big media's bubble
  95. Wall Street's bull market starts to show its age
  96. $ES_F holds the Yell, retests another giant spot for the pit (1878); range still not
  97. U.S. Stocks End Higher
  98. What’s that fishy smell? The Fed’s corrupt policies
  99. Stock market live blog: S&P 500, Nasdaq slip after 6-day winning streak
  100. [video] Gartman: Back in stocks
  101. Asia shares called mixed; earnings in focus
  102. Apple slice: Share split makes joining the Dow more likely
  103. BlackRock to List S&P 500 ETF in Brazil
  104. With 'Weather-Maggedon' behind us, stocks look to 2nd half growth
  105. Here’s Why the Labor Market Should Brush Off This Jobless Claims Jump
  106. Apple Shows Investors the Money
  107. Why Xilinx Inc., Biogen Idec Inc., and Qualcomm Incorporated Are Today’s 3 Worst Stoc
  108. This could be a canary in the coal mine for the market
  109. The best bank stock to buy? This credit card company’s
  110. Stocks in power-down mode before weekend
  111. High Unemployment and Economic Stagnation: The New U.S. Status Quo?
  112. [video] How global tensions will impact markets
  113. Once Bitten, Twice Shy -" Will This S&P 500 Selloff Stick?
  114. Love Dividend Stocks? Take a Good Look at Target Corporation
  115. Why Netflix and GameStop Got Slammed Last Week
  116. DAX & CL Futures Harmonic Scenarios
  117. Bert Dohmen: 'This Is Very Much Like 2008'
  118. Do Americans trust the stock market?
  119. Should These 3 Stingy Stocks Pay Higher Dividends?
  120. The Crash No One Is Talking About
  121. 5 dividend stocks with 10-year returns of up to 569%
  122. As new sanctions hit Russia, here’s the real thing that has Wall Street worried
  123. Fear the Taper: Why Fed’s bond buying must continue
  124. Intraday volatility setting up Wednesday’s jump ball as bulls flip weak bears again
  125. Why National Oilwell Varco, Inc., Salesforce.com, and Newmont Mining Corp. Are Today'
  126. Get ready for 'serious selling' in small caps: Strategist
  127. [video] Have market valuations peaked?
  128. 4 Reasons Why Gas Prices Could Go Up This Summer
  129. Is the Housing Market Filled With Over 1,000 Mini Bubbles?
  130. Cramer: How similar is this market to 2000?
  131. Market edges are in place as traders await the Fed day ‘jump ball’
  132. Stock futures off ahead of results, ADP, Fed outcome
  133. Stock market live blog: S&P 500 slips after soft GDP report; Twitter tumbles
  134. S&P 500 down next day 61% of time if it declines after FOMC minutes
  135. The Nemesis Of Escape Velocity Is Gravity
  136. Jump ball … new YELL (1873.25) is line between trappers and trapped
  137. Inventory Rules The Cycle
  138. [video] Economy will struggle to get to 2.6%: Expert
  139. This chart says we're in for a 20% correction
  140. Wages may move markets more than job growth
  141. Making sense of the bond rip and defining $ES_F levels into NFP
  142. New Study: Investors are Incompetent -" Now More than Ever
  143. Stock futures inch higher ahead of jobs data
  144. [video] Jobs report shows significant progress: Perez
  145. [video] More anxiety for baby boomers: Pro
  146. The Excess Files: Mulally and Buffett and Souki...oh my!
  147. Ironic Pattern: Great Unemployment Report Puts Pressure on S&P 500
  148. The Best S&P 500 Stocks of the Month
  149. Why Hasn’t The U.S. Gone After Gazprom?
  150. Buy In May And Tap Dance Away
  151. The Coming Week's Likely Must-Know Top Market Movers
  152. The Worst S&P 500 Stocks of the Month
  153. Difficult Labor Report
  154. Global anxiety weighs on the S&P 500
  155. Jeff Gundlach makes bear case on single-family housing: Ira Sohn
  156. [video] Economic hope tops Ukraine concerns
  157. Obamacare Numbers: What Does the Falling Uninsurance Rate Mean?
  158. This hedge fund chief made $3.5 billion in 2013
  159. [video] Gaming shake up
  160. Sell in May? Go away! J.P. Morgan suggests a risk-on summer
  161. Margin Debt Matches Small Caps
  162. Gundlach: Here's what's wrong with housing
  163. Higher Inflation May Force Fed To Tighten Within A Year
  164. Michael O'Rourke: U.S. stocks may be the walking dead
  165. Dow, S&P 500 gain after Yellen, but Nasdaq drops
  166. Evaluating The New Kid
  167. Bear trap still no victory for bulls while New YELL ($ES_F 1873.25) unconverted
  168. This chart shows why Apple could go a lot higher
  169. [video] Are markets headed for correction?
  170. [video] Ambassador Pyatt: Working on diplomacy
  171. Stocks lower; Nasdaq flirts with third day of losses
  172. Asia shares seen lower ahead of China inflation data
  173. The ‘dry powder’ index; $VIX option volumes pick up; Pit Bull’s Thurs-Fri low
  174. A Funds-Flow Reason For Equity Market Weakness
  175. [video] Tax attack: What's holding US back?
  176. Stocks fall; S&P 500 and Nasdaq on track for weekly losses
  177. Will Republicans or Democrats Turn Obamacare Into Political Gold?
  178. Why NVIDIA Corporation, Consolidated Edison, Western Digital Corp. Are Today’s 3 Wors
  179. Why your home is not a good investment
  180. What If Lowflation Isn't A Trap?
  181. U.S. to Issue Rules on Decommissioning Oil Rigs
  182. How Consumer Discretionary Stocks Are Holding Back the S&P 500
  183. Inflation is becoming a question of when, not if
  184. 3 things Computershare Limited has going for it in a bull market
  185. How long can stocks and bonds rally together?
  186. Premarkets: Dow ready for another record high?
  187. Wall Street edges up, pushing S&P 500 near record
  188. [video] Valuations 'seem toppy here': Pro
  189. Bulls on cruise control today; astro-trading, Part II; the real question on bond yiel
  190. Are Home Sellers Getting Too Greedy?
  191. What Can We Learn From The 'Tuesday Effect?'
  192. Markets Close at Record High: How Likely Is Dow 20,000?
  193. Small Businesses: The Economy Improves, But Government Has Policy Paralysis
  194. Stock market live blog: Dow, S&P 500 still on track for record close; Nasdaq in red
  195. Why Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Fastenal Company, and Xilinx Inc. Are Today’s 3
  196. Tale of the ticks: Sellers failed to push $ES_F lower; stars say ‘Danger, Will Robins
  197. Goldman Sachs: This bull market is set to run longer
  198. [video] Christie's best spring auction ever
  199. Fed Fund Rate Suggests S&P 500 Rally
  200. Why bluebird bio, Celldex Therapeutics, and MannKind Are Today's 3 Best Stocks
  201. Are Investors Losing Confidence in the Bull Market?
  202. Why E*Trade Financial Corporation, KeyCorp, and Micron Technology Inc. Are Today's 3
  203. [video] Don't be 'too freakin' long' cautions Tepper
  204. Stocks tumble as Wal-Mart drags Dow lower
  205. [video] US the best?
  206. Top 10 Most Affordable Housing Markets for the Middle Class
  207. This chart shows why the market is in trouble
  208. Acampora talks of 'sick feeling' and possible 25% slide for some markets
  209. [video] How monetary policy impacts investments
  210. Warren Buffett Pushes Verizon Higher as the Dow Jones Falls Today
  211. Wall St. rebounds with small-caps; Dow, S&P 500 dip for week
  212. Contrarian Take: Did Doomsday Prophets Scare the Bear?
  213. Three stocks all but immune to market turmoil
  214. S&P 500 Earnings Data You'll Want To Bookmark
  215. Warren Buffett’s 10 Most Valuable Stock Positions
  216. Why the Small-Cap Correction Hasn't Hurt the S&P's Wannabes
  217. Why Nordstrom, Fossil Group, and Chesapeake Energy Moved the S&P 500 Last Week
  218. What investors might be missing about the market now
  219. U.S. Consumer Price Inflation Accelerates In April But Inflation Expectations Remain
  220. Coal: The World’s Deadliest Source Of Energy
  221. [video] Stocks will win: Trader
  222. A warning in soup and cereal?
  223. David Einhorn Keeps Buying This Controversial Energy Giant
  224. As S&P 500 tests new highs, is the uptrend at risk?
  225. Know Your Time Horizon
  226. Uh oh! Fed exit may cause 20% stock drop: Boockvar
  227. Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Bets Big on Healthcare
  228. Stocks close sharply lower on weak retail earnings
  229. 10 Cities Where Homeowners Are Drowning in Mortgage Debt
  230. Dudley Revisits Exit Strategy
  231. [video] Is tea party out of gas?
  232. Did Lower Mortgage Rates Fail to Entice Homebuyers?
  233. Fed focuses on exit, decides to be flexible: minutes
  234. Asia shares to track US gains; China PMI awaited
  235. WB’s target of $ES_F 1885 proves important on a ‘grind it momma’ kind of day
  236. What Earnings Figures Should I Use?
  237. [video] Market setting up for another run: Pro
  238. Top 5 U.S. Cities Saving for Retirement
  239. Here's why to be optimistic about stocks
  240. Small-cap shake-up over? Pro says probably not
  241. Stalking The Mysteriously Elusive Correction Beast
  242. Why Jobless Claims Suggest Economic Expansion Is In Late Innings
  243. Stock futures edge higher; new home sales data on tap
  244. S&P 500, Russell 2K near 'inflection point': Pro
  245. S&P 500 notches first-ever close above 1900
  246. What to watch: Sizing up 'stealth' correction
  247. How Netflix, TripAdvisor, and Tiffany Pushed the S&P 500 to Record Highs
  248. [video] Suze Call: Paul
  249. Is Anticipation Investing Hurting Your Portfolio?
  250. Obamacare and Benghazi: Is the Real Crisis in American Leadership?