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  1. Market Outlook Through ETF Hedgers' Eyes
  2. Structural Unemployment and the Sacrifice of Human Professions
  3. Will Your Favorite Company Get Booted From the S&P 500?
  4. Oil Business: It’s All in the Pipeline
  5. Study: Natural Gas Plants Release 40 Percent Less CO2
  6. Earnings this week could make for cautious trading
  7. Interview With Adolfo Laurenti: 2014 - More Capital Spending, Jobless Rate To 6.5%
  8. The Ski Slope Market: What’s Next in 2014?
  9. A Maturing Expansion
  10. Tracking 'Bubble Finance' Risks In A Single Chart
  11. Futures higher after two-day drop; earnings eyed
  12. [video] 'Shark Tank' Tuesday: Struggles of small biz
  13. U.S. yields and dollar rise on outlook on Fed tapering
  14. Next Microsoft CEO’s big challenge: Fix Windows
  15. Stocks mixed: Dow hit by earnings; S&P 500 avoids third day of losses
  16. S&P and Nasdaq rise; Dow off on earnings
  17. [video] Corporate taxes drive jobs outside the U.S: Pro
  18. [video] Can the GOP take back Senate in 2014?
  19. Premarkets: Drifting as investors wait for earnings
  20. 10 States With the Highest Average Income Tax Refund
  21. Why we could see a market correction in February
  22. There’s Opportunity in African Gold Miners
  23. One Indicator Pegs U.S. Economy at Worst Level since 1959
  24. Wall Street flat on earnings; IBM pressures Dow
  25. [video] Google founders transformative on economy: Pro
  26. [video] Don't make poor richer by taxing the rich more: Pro
  27. Inflation Is The Last Piece Of The QE Puzzle
  28. Stock futures drop ahead of housing market reports
  29. [video] Retail investor 'scared' out of the market: Niederauer
  30. [video] Cashin says: 'Lunar New Year an excuse' for China's problems
  31. Emergency Unemployment Expiration Dominates Jobless Data
  32. [video] Think emerging market trouble caused sell-off: Pro
  33. Betting on Brazil? It's an Olympic-size bet
  34. What does January barometer say about stocks?
  35. Futures point to another grim day on Wall Street
  36. Carl Icahn: If eBay wants a proxy war I'll give 'em one
  37. Can the bears SEAL the deal? $ES_F 1819 x 1797
  38. U.S. stocks tumble; S&P 500 below 1,800
  39. [video] Volumes don't confirm correction: Pro
  40. Today’s 3 Worst Stocks in the S&P 500
  41. [video] Long-awaited correction: Pro
  42. Investors brace for more pain after ugly week
  43. Why do investors revere Warren Buffett?
  44. Here’s Why Warren Buffett Mostly Avoids Tech Stocks
  45. 10 Worst Performing Stocks of the Past Decade
  46. Forward Guidance Is Hard; So Is Navigating A Ship By Focusing On The Expected Path Of
  47. Aaaaaaaah: Turbulence Or Nosedive?
  48. Rising Costs Hit Balance Sheets of Major Oil Companies
  49. Are Stocks Tumbling Too Far Too Fast?
  50. Err On The Side Of Caution In 2014
  51. How to Think About 2014
  52. What's next for stocks after nasty sell-off?
  53. Market Decline: Get A Grip!
  54. U.S. stocks rebound from rout, open higher
  55. Morning MoneyBeat: Now What?
  56. Here's why the Fed is trapped: Ron Paul
  57. [video] Santelli's Midday Bond Report
  58. Gloom and doom, biotech selloff, and the catalyst for the low print today
  59. Markets challenge Fed, Apple gets sauced
  60. Stocks down: Fed exit rattles markets, again
  61. Another Down Day for the Dow
  62. [video] Super model Nemcova trades runway for Davos
  64. Bouncy Castle and a 10 plus ride on the MiM $ES_F 1800 x 1755
  65. [video] The super wealth gap
  66. Apple investors hurting, but rest of market shrugs
  67. These Americans Are Driving Consumer Spending Recovery
  68. [video] Obama entitled to set own agenda: Frost
  69. [video] Buy low sell high, Apple included: Cramer
  70. Consumer Confidence Reaches Best Level Since August
  71. Ford: We Just Had One of Our Best Years Ever
  72. [video] State of the markets
  73. Stock futures trade mixed ahead of Fed move
  74. Apple slammed! Why buybacks are for iDiots: Macke
  75. [video] James Grant: Fed has 'fingers & thumbs' on scale of finance
  76. Wall Street ends lower after Fed statement
  77. Stock market live blog: Stocks fall further after Fed; S&P 500 undercuts 1,775
  78. This One Indicator Says That The Market Is Approaching A Dangerous Valuation That’s O
  79. [video] Married households tend to be richer: Pro
  80. Equities Are Bowed, But Not Beaten
  81. Global stocks hit 2-1/2 month lows as EM selloff continues
  82. Here's why you should be scared of the markets right now: Acampora
  83. Trump: Why I sold my Apple
  84. Incredible VIX Indicator Triggered Surprising Signal
  85. 3 reasons why the January stock selloff has gone too far
  86. Dollar, global stocks gain after strong U.S. GDP
  87. Wall Street rebounds with tech gains, signs of growth
  88. [video] CNBC's top 25: Roger Ailes
  89. Morning MoneyBeat: January Slump Is Nothing to Fret
  90. Suddenly, Twitter is cheap
  91. Stock market live blog: Worst Jan. since 2010; earnings disappoint; Wal-Mart warns
  92. Super Bowl spend-off: Ads or players' salaries, which cost more?
  93. [video] 1997-type crisis looming?
  94. Up a day, down a day: Scalper heaven, momo/options hell
  95. ‘Par’ earnings not good enough after 2013 stock run-up
  96. Down January for stocks is bad omen for 2014
  97. 'Fast Money' Recap: A January to Forget
  98. The Emini 1764 low and the Flying Turtle
  99. Why Do We Pay So Little Attention to Per Capita Measures?
  100. Top 12 States With the Healthiest Foreclosure Markets
  101. New Report Blames Oil Price Volatility for Lack of Stable Economic Growth
  102. Bullish Percent Indicators Signal Market Correction Is Underway
  103. Obama Tells Big Business: Hire America’s Long-Term Unemployed
  104. Study: Gas Prices to Remain Stable for 2 Decades
  105. Financial Markets: Turbulence or Nosedive?
  106. Record Momentum Unwinding in S&P 500 as China Quashes Euphoria
  107. Global stocks fall after Wall Street's rough week
  108. Premarkets: No sign of a Monday market rebound
  109. Why it could get a lot worse for stocks
  110. This is a bigger threat than the emerging market
  111. Market Hustle: Stocks Fall as U.S. Manufacturing Slides, China Weakens
  112. Why this stock isn't lying
  113. [video] Gartman: Stay on sidelines
  114. Fear reigns as investors flee stocks
  115. Look out - Technicians see more selling
  116. As S&P drops, keep an eye on head and shoulders
  117. Volatility Returns
  118. Markets Tumble. How Will The Fed React?
  119. U.S. stocks edge higher at open after Monday's plunge
  120. Net Asset Value(s)
  121. Don't fret, recent pullback is just a buying opportunity: Smith
  122. [video] Professor withdraws $1 million from Bank of America
  123. Obama, Business, and Minimum Wage: Is It Time For a Raise?
  124. [video] Most loved correction: Pro
  125. S&P 500 5% To 23% January Upsides Tagged By Telecom, Tobacco, And Energy Dogs
  126. As Goes January, So Goes The Year In 2014?
  127. [video] Asian stocks mixed
  128. Whale Surfing: Why Buy Funds When You Can Ride Their Best Ideas?
  129. When the selling is over $ES_F 1724 x 1760
  130. Stocks, in search of stability, dip lower
  131. What getting rid of tobacco means for the future of CVS
  132. [video] Stephen Baldwin: Addiction most dangerous disease
  133. [video] Surprised market wasn't stronger on ISM data: Pro
  134. Many big stocks already in 10% correction
  135. The Second Pivot Point For Equities
  136. European Central Bank live blog: Rates on hold, Draghi not signaling imminent easing
  137. These two charts could spell disaster for stocks: Yamada
  138. What's Next for S&P 500? Here's the Good News and the Bad News
  139. Fewer and Fewer Americans Have Full-Time Work
  140. Dow, S&P 500 post best gains of the year
  141. Why Dunkin' Donuts is eating McDonald's breakfast
  142. [video] Market awaits Friday jobs report
  143. Capitulation? Market Sees Biggest Outflows In A Decade
  144. Stocks: Perky ahead of the jobs report
  145. 2014 Should Defy The January Barometer Effect... To The Upside
  146. Two charts saying buy
  147. U.S. economy adds 113,000 jobs in January
  148. [video] Really good strength in US economy: Pro
  149. [video] Hedge funds & the Japanese trade
  150. Stocks rally despite weak jobs report
  151. These two charts say sell this highflying stock
  152. S&P 500 Forecast - Short-Term Gain vs Long-Term Pain
  153. Will U.S. stock buyers beat back the bear?
  154. The Mistake Impatient Investors Must Avoid Right Now
  155. AAII Sentiment Survey: Pessimism Rises to Highest Level Since August
  156. Stock Market: Shrewd Bet Or Stupid Gamble?
  157. Consumers Pay More as Gas Prices Spike
  158. The Stock Market Is Down 5% Year To Date, Now What?
  159. Study: Oil Sands Pollutants Were Underestimated
  160. Sentiment In Social Media Chatter On VXX An Early Indicator Of SPY Direction?
  161. Fed Needs New Benchmark as Unemployment Nears 6.5 Percent
  162. Will emerging markets become a euro zone-style risk?
  163. 9 S&P Aristocrat Dogs Seek 10% To 19% Upsides In January
  164. [video] US economy fundamentally sound: Economist
  165. [video] Long-term vs. short-term unemployed
  166. China won't let its Ponzi scheme crash... yet
  167. Dollar Cost Averaging: When Not Playing The Game Can Make You A Winner
  168. [video] Quick Take: Dow Down, Nasdaq Stays Positive as Tech Recovers
  169. Stock/Bond Ratio Projects Exciting Times Ahead
  170. 2 Types Of People?
  171. January's Stock Market Gloominess Is Misleading; 2014 Growth To Get Better?
  172. Jim Cramer: It's hard to be bullish after the jobs numbers
  173. Consumer Spending Will Boost Growth in 2014 — But Not Just Yet
  174. Complacency is a killer in this market: Hughes
  175. Atomic wedgie for the shorts as Yellen says no stock bubble
  176. U.S. stocks extend 4-day winning streak
  177. Did President Obama Disarm the Debt Ceiling?
  178. Can Yellen Shatter This Bearish S&P 500 Pattern?
  179. Did President Obama Disarm the Debt Ceiling?
  180. China trade, U.S. budget deal push world stocks to sixth day of gains
  181. Stock futures tick up after Tuesday's big rally
  182. Toyota gets aggressive with new Prius recall
  183. Stock Market is Fragmented and Confused
  184. Tennessee's battle over VW union vote has national implications
  185. A day of rest with surprisingly decent volume but no BS (sorry)
  186. S&P's 4-day rally ends on P&G's view; Cisco off late
  187. Asian stocks reverse gains after mixed US lead; Nikkei skids 1%
  188. Obamacare Taxes and Why They May Be Problematic
  189. Asian stocks weak, earnings watched; Nikkei skids nearly 2%
  190. Repo Markets Demand Taper Because Of Taper
  191. Jim Cramer's 7 big investing ideas
  192. Weak data pushes stocks lower
  193. Kass thinks S&P should fall 9%, but is he right?
  194. Australian shares at 1-month high, China data in focus
  195. Stocks rise, dollar struggles after soft US data
  196. Premarkets: Looking for a spark
  197. Why the U.S. needs to "break up" with China
  198. What higher oil means for Red Lobster
  199. What Harvard Can Teach Us About Portfolio Management
  200. Byron Wien expects 20 percent gain for S&P 500
  201. [video] What Gen Xers are doing wrong with their retirement savings
  202. Stocks close with best weekly gains of the year
  203. World stock index rises after euro zone data; gold climbs
  204. Dow Honored in S&P 500 Clean Capitalism Rankings
  205. Wall Street Weekahead - U.S. stock investors face Fed view, tech charts
  206. Wall St. Week Ahead: U.S. stock investors face Fed view, tech charts
  207. 4 reasons Warren Buffett loves Wells Fargo stock
  208. Selling Your Home? Here Are 3 Tips to Minimize Capital Gains Taxes
  209. Iran Takes on the U.S.: Is this Provocation, Defiance, or Tomfoolery?
  210. Chevron Pennsylvania Well Still Burning After Explosion
  211. Betting on the Next Oil Boom? You’re Grasping at Straws
  212. 4 Stocks Questioning the Rally's Staying Power
  213. What U.S. companies get wrong about dividends
  214. Bartiromo: UBS' Ermotti foresees growth in China
  215. Is Your Retirement Portfolio Making New Record Highs?
  216. U.S. stocks correction fear fades despite valuation angst
  217. Global stocks rise, U.S. markets closed
  218. "Too big to fail?"
  219. Wave of Coal Retirements Coming by 2016
  220. Yellen Takes The Chair
  221. 1929 Analogies Only Go So Far
  222. Premarkets: Waiting for more earnings
  223. [video] Just a pullback: Pro
  224. Bitcoin ATMs roll out as cryptocurrency faces hackers, regulation and volatility
  225. [video] Santelli: US facing 'chronic' labor participation problem
  226. [video] Domestic market catalysts off table: Pro
  227. S&P 500, Nasdaq close higher; Coke drags Dow lower
  228. Last Week's 3 Top-Performing Stocks on the S&P 500
  229. 3 Tax Tips to Reduce Your Chance of an Audit
  230. Markets want to know if housing activity is freezing again
  231. Bigger Isn't Always Better On Wall Street
  232. Stocks rise as investors await Fed minutes
  233. Raising the minimum wage is bad policy: Douglas Holtz-Eakin
  234. Will Obama’s Healthcare and Wage Policies Actually Kill Jobs?
  235. Wall Street falls after Fed minutes; Facebook drops late
  236. MACD Did Not Yet Confirm Stocks' Up Trend
  237. Is Debt Becoming the American Dream Again?
  238. Stocks up on strong factory data
  239. [video] Retirement risk
  240. Does the Facebook deal signal a new tech bubble?
  241. [video] $350 billion worth of advice
  242. Today’s 3 Worst Stocks in the S&P 500
  243. Why Pepsi could fizzle
  244. Investing: REITs rise from the wreckage
  245. Why the rally in silver is in trouble
  246. Morgan Stanley's Carla Harris: I'm very bullish on this market
  247. [video] Big picture economy about the weather: Pro
  248. [video] Ackman/Herbalife saga not over
  249. [video] Data dump next week: Domm
  250. S&P 500: First Down, Then Up 110 Points -" What Such a V-Pattern Recovery Means