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  1. Asia stocks mostly higher after taper; Nikkei at 6-year closing peak
  2. Taper Refreshes Bullish Outlook
  3. Markets take Fed tapering in stride
  4. Morning MoneyBeat: Fed Tapers; Stocks Soar
  5. U.S. stocks retreat as economic data disappoint
  6. Dammit, Bernanke! What Did You Do?
  7. Markets telling tales of taper
  8. Dollar Holds Jump as Gold Sinks; Asia Index Futures Mixed
  9. [video] Fed policy has been destroying markets: Pro
  10. Stock futures inch up on economic confidence; GDP due
  11. US STOCKS-Futures inch up on economic confidence; GDP due
  12. US stocks finish higher on the week, with Dow and S&P at records
  13. [video] Looking for demand to profit: Pro
  14. [video] Bernanke gets credit for the economic recovery: Pro
  15. [$$] Why Market Forecasts Are So Bad
  16. 6 Essentials to Running a 401k
  17. 24/7 Wall St.: Eight outsized CEO perks
  18. Everything You Need to Know About the U.S. Economy in 13 Charts
  19. What Witching Means on Wall Street and Why You Should Care
  20. On Its 100th Birthday, The Fed Gives The World Another Stock Market Bubble
  21. U.S. to Become Less Dependent on Foreign Oil
  22. Bernanke: Santa Claus Or Grinch?
  23. The 5 Fastest Growing S&P 500 Stocks in 2013
  24. New Commodity Trading Rules Good for Big Oil
  25. Why California Will Never Fulfill Its Shale Potential
  26. Cool Yule: Why stocks are a great bet this week
  27. Why Were J.C. Penney, Abercrombie, and Sprint Booted From the S&P 500 in 2013?
  28. Do US equities have room to rise?
  29. Get ready for a volatile 2014
  30. Morning MoneyBeat: Bad Breadth Threatens Rally
  31. [video] November personal income up 0.2 percent
  32. Dow Jumps as Inflation Stays Low
  33. A market where ‘they can do whatever they want’; lots of matches on NQ daily
  34. Stocks: Record-high indexes cruise higher
  35. Interview With Fred Carstensen: 2 Years To Full Recovery, Stocks To Correct 10-20% In
  36. VYM: Betting On Price Appreciation
  37. Premarkets: Not a creature was stirring...
  38. 1/2 Report for 1/2 a day … Drink up the Egg Nog $ES_F 1826 x 1817
  39. Stock Market News for December 24, 2013
  40. Stocks, Treasury yield climb on Christmas Eve
  41. Dow, S&P end at record highs in brief pre-holiday trade
  42. Why Idenix Pharmaceuticals, Supernus Pharmaceuticals, and Westmoreland Coal Are Today
  43. Safety in Stocks as Real as Santa Claus?
  44. Waiting on What the 100% Accurate Barometer Forecasts for 2014
  45. What This Unknown Predictor Says About An Overvalued Market
  46. A Dow Mega-Cap Strategy
  47. Obamacare: Both the Best and Worst of Obama’s Presidency
  48. 2014: Here Comes the Dumb Money
  49. S&P 500 Tuesday’s abbreviated session, new high
  50. Peter Schiff: Why Wal-Mart can’t pay $15/hour wages
  51. Distressed Homeowners Set to Ring in New Year With New Taxes
  52. Wall St rises, Dow on track for sixth straight day of gains
  53. Stock gains continue amid Santa Claus rally
  54. Today’s 3 Worst Stocks in the S&P 500
  55. [video] How you can profit in hard times
  56. Stocks: Santa rally may grind to a halt
  57. S&P 500 now up 29%, the gift that keeps on giving
  58. [video] 2014 Fed Predictions: Exiting QE
  59. For GOP, It’s Time to Stop Criticizing Obamacare
  60. Apple leads record return of cash to shareholders
  61. This Court Ruling Could Raise Natural Gas Prices
  62. 2013 and 1997: 2 Winning Years and Their Strange Coincidences
  63. Which 17 Stocks Got Booted From the S&P 500 in 2013?
  64. 3 stocks that could make you rich in 2014
  65. Stock winners and losers of 2013 offer lessons
  66. USTR Report: Chinese Government Creates Friction for Global Trade
  67. Summers, Osborne, and Zakaria on Austerity: Fact Check in One Chart
  68. The Best Mid-Cap Stocks in 2013
  69. Australia stocks called higher in quiet session
  70. Congress Fails to Extend Unemployment Benefits
  71. Premarkets: Losing momentum as 2013 draws to a close
  72. Stock Market: Looking a Lot Like Past Tops
  73. [video] Russians suspicious 2 attacks from same group
  74. Why the market could see a 17% drop in 2014
  75. Wall St. closes mostly flat, but Dow hits record
  76. [$$] All 10 Stock Sectors Post Gains in Big Year
  77. Bond funds give investors a lump of coal in 2013
  78. Premarkets: Ready to close out a record-setting year
  79. Stocks Should Keep Bubbling Up Early January
  80. Why your first move in 2014 should be to sell: Strategists
  81. [video] Big blue a big loser in 2013
  82. Stocks up with confidence; S&P 500 on course for best year in 16
  83. [video] Commodities vs. stocks in 2014
  84. [video] Can Dems turn Obamacare around?
  85. 2013 S&P Return
  86. Is the Market’s Rise Misleading?
  87. Can mighty Wall St. bull keep charging in 2014?
  88. Why Oil Is Mightier Than the Sword for U.S. Foreign Policy
  89. Keystone XL: Uncertainty Continues for 2014
  90. Eleven companies that had a great run in 2013
  91. 5 Ways Headline Unemployment Hides How Bad It Really Is
  92. 2013 Was Great! Are There Any Bargains Left For 2014? (Part I)
  93. Is one of the best trades of 2013 also good for 2014?
  94. A Simple Way To Outperform The S&P 500
  95. Wipe the slate clean and trade 2014 $ES_F 150 x 1829
  96. Why you should date Apple, not marry it: Portfolio manager
  97. Stocks fall in worst first trading day since 2008
  98. Asia shares roiled by risk aversion; gold gains
  99. 5 Money Resolutions You Can Actually Keep
  100. Want better returns? Hire a good-looking CEO
  101. [video] Where to put your money now
  102. Market Hustle: Futures Stabilize as Fed Speak Begins
  103. World stocks steady on quiet day, oil falls further
  104. Nutrisystem CEO: "We never want to be that fad diet"
  105. Why 2014 summons the ghost of stock markets’ past
  106. 4 Individual Tax Breaks That Expired With the New Year
  107. Today’s 3 Worst Stocks in the S&P 500
  108. [video] GOP has zero chance of regaining Senate: Democratic strategist
  109. Is a College Education Still Important to Americans?
  110. Copper and oil slide, world equities dip
  111. My 3 Worst Stocks for 2013
  112. Why 2014 Is a Critical Year for All Investors
  113. Buy Gold If You Think Interest Rates Will Rise
  114. State Involvement Key for Decommissioning Old Nuclear Plants
  115. The 2 Best Markets of 2013 and 1 to Watch in 2014
  116. Wall St Week Ahead: Investors to watch Fed minutes, jobs data
  117. Inflation: Politics or Economics?
  118. Here’s Why the U.S. Dollar Is Looking Extra Good
  119. Bernanke: Fed to Continue Bond Buying for the Long Haul
  120. Syrian Opposition Condemns Russian Oil Deal
  121. The Relative Efficacy Of Fiscal And Monetary Policy At The Zero Lower Bound: Where Ar
  122. Stock selloff coming? Some perspective
  123. [video] Oil could be positive surprise for economy: Expert
  124. The Fed: We’re Still Trying to Figure Out the Mysteries of QE
  125. Here Are Several Predictions From Some Of The Most Followed Investors And Traders On
  126. Stocks struggle: Dow, S&P 500, Nasdaq end lower
  127. Obama Unsure of Canadian Pipeline: Prime Minister Frustrated
  128. Retirement Q&A: Best dividend ETFs?
  129. Sentiment Analysis: Stocks Can Go Higher
  130. How Divided Is The Fed?
  131. Why Stocks Bowed on Monday
  132. Why Is It So Hard to Prosecute Wall Street Executives?
  133. Cramer: This company could be worth $30 billion
  134. Three down days boosted odds of a pop; some magic numbers and an invaluable trading t
  135. How the Dow Jones industrial average fared Tuesday
  136. Earnings Preview: 2 Metrics You Need to Watch This Quarter
  137. Yellen’s Confirmation: Doves Rule the Roost at the Federal Reserve
  138. Market Decline Statistics For SPY
  139. Dream run in US stocks set to end: HSBC
  140. Are Developing Nations Investor-Friendly?
  141. Strong Jobs Report Sends Dow Falling on Fed Worries
  142. ADP National Employment Report: December 2013
  143. Fed Minutes: The Taper Debate Is On and Focused On Jobs
  144. [video] Former Defense Secretary Gates new tell-all
  145. The Reduced Fiscal Drag In 2014
  146. Why Amazon could hit $500 this year: Strategist
  147. 10 States Leading the Housing Boom
  148. Bob Doll Is Wrong About Gold
  149. S&P 500 in ‘critical’ condition, don’t chase stocks here: Parets
  150. Lessons From 2013: Part IV
  151. 1 Wealth-Building Tip Andrew Carnegie Never Uttered
  152. Today’s 3 Worst Stocks in the S&P 500
  153. GOP Moves on From Obamacare Repeal Dreams With a New Vote
  154. Premarkets: Optimistic ahead of the final 2013 jobs report
  155. Macro Priority Deferral
  156. U.S. stocks edge higher after jobs report
  157. U.S. stocks open higher after jobs data
  158. [video] Employment in US textile
  159. [video] Entrepreneurs are optimistic again: Pro
  160. For U.S. stocks, earnings take center stage
  161. Federal Reserve and Low Inflation: What’s the Read?
  162. Bonds jump, dollar slips on weak U.S. jobs data
  163. Initial January Losses Trigger 2014 Warning Signal - Fact or Fiction?
  164. Poverty Rates: Study Reveals Recession Highs
  165. Are These Really the Best Dividend Stocks in the S&P 500?
  166. Janet Yellen Sees Potential for Housing and GDP Growth
  167. Coal Makes a 2014 Comeback
  168. 1 Reason to Fear for AT&T and Verizon’s Dividends
  169. When the Market Tanks, the Doctor Gets Busy
  170. China Claims Title of Top Trading Nation
  171. U.S. profits could bounce in 2014 if economy gains steam
  172. U.S. Unemployment Rate Falls To 5 Year Low Of 6.7% In December But Job Growth Lags
  173. Pathetic December Job Numbers: Proof 2014 To Be A Challenging Year
  174. Controlling The Investment Lizard Brain
  175. Extreme Cold Weather Freezes U.S. Fuel Supply
  176. The Top-Yielding Small-Cap Dividend Stocks in the Market
  177. Justice Department Tells Banks Money Laundering Doesn’t Pay
  178. AAII Sentiment Survey: Neutral Sentiment Bounces Back
  179. 10 Fastest Growing Jobs Over the Next Decade
  180. Predictions Based on Past Market Performance Are a Waste of Time
  181. Revealing ATAC: Adding An Emerging Markets Variable
  182. Market Outlook - Cautiously Optimistic Here
  183. Taking Stock Of The S&P 500 Index
  184. The Anti-Scientific Foundation Of Macroeconomics
  185. Wall St flat on earnings caution; Merck climbs
  186. M&A Activity Is Picking Up in Gold Mining Sector
  187. Hawks vs. Doves: How Fed Policy Affects Jobs and Prices
  188. HOD in first hour past 7 days; financials weak as assets flow into bonds
  189. Did Cash-Strapped Americans Keep These Retailers From Cheering?
  190. [video] American market very sound: Bob Lutz
  191. Wall Street eyes JPMorgan, Wells Fargo results
  192. US stocks rise after retail sales top estimates
  193. Markets Hustle: Stocks Move Higher on Upbeat Retail Sales
  194. Gold M&A Activity Continues With Allied Nevada
  195. Intel is Leading the Dow Higher Today
  196. What to expect from Wednesday trade
  197. The other Colorado healthcare play?
  198. Retirement Crisis: Don’t Lean Too Heavily on Social Security
  199. Is Higher Unemployment the Hidden Cost of Extended Unemployment Benefits?
  200. This shocking strategy will save your portfolio
  201. Wall St rises on Bank of America, data boost
  202. Market Hustle: U.S. Stocks Gain on Stronger Economic Outlook
  203. Bank of America Hits a New High
  204. [video] Stronger business investment ahead: Pro
  205. Goldman Sachs to report before Wall Street opens
  206. Chart: Should Investors Expect S&P 500 Correction Next Month?
  207. Market Hustle: Stocks Dip as Investors Look to the Taper
  208. Leading U.S. Sector ETFs Send Mixed Messages
  209. [video] Market rotation sign of health: Pisani
  210. Dow, S&P 500 dip after bond trading bites bank profits
  211. World stocks modestly lower on Wall Street decline
  212. Are Your Finances in Better Shape Now Than a Year Ago?
  213. Is This Your Shot to Make 1,700%?
  214. Relative Strength Charts For S&P 500 Sectors
  215. Morning MoneyBeat: Sentiment Sours
  216. Traders watch data, earnings ahead of long weekend
  217. Here’s Why European Equities Could Be a Treat This Year
  218. Can Amazon keep unions out?
  219. Why Twitter could see trouble: Strategist
  220. 2013 Gives U.S. Manufacturers Best Quarter in Years
  221. Wall Street Week Ahead - Stocks may be vulnerable as earnings heat up
  222. Wall St Week Ahead: Stocks may be vulnerable as earnings heat up
  223. Wall Street Week Ahead - Stocks may be vulnerable in earnings blitz
  224. [video] Fracking for fiscal success?
  225. European Central Bank: Counterfeit Bills Increased Last Year
  226. AAII Sentiment Survey: Neutral Sentiment Nears a 12-Year High
  227. Lifting the Oil Export Ban: Where the Refiners Stand
  228. The Odds 2014 Will Be Just As Good As 2013
  229. European Central Bank Officials Say to Rest Easy on Deflation
  230. Controlling the Investment Lizard Brain
  231. Will Foreign Stocks Beat the S&P in 2014?
  232. China’s Economic Outlook: What Does 2014 Have in Store?
  233. Tracking Part-Time Work: Some Surprising Details and a Look Ahead
  234. Insight: Shorts set to pounce as stocks seen pricey, Fed pulls back
  235. Global Clean Energy Investment Fell for the Second Year Running
  236. Structural Unemployment and the Sacrifice of Human Professions
  237. Will Your Favorite Company Get Booted From the S&P 500?
  238. Oil Business: It’s All in the Pipeline
  239. Study: Natural Gas Plants Release 40 Percent Less CO2
  240. Earnings this week could make for cautious trading
  241. Interview With Adolfo Laurenti: 2014 - More Capital Spending, Jobless Rate To 6.5%
  242. The Ski Slope Market: What’s Next in 2014?
  243. A Maturing Expansion
  244. Futures higher after two-day drop; earnings eyed
  245. U.S. yields and dollar rise on outlook on Fed tapering
  246. Next Microsoft CEO’s big challenge: Fix Windows
  247. Stocks mixed: Dow hit by earnings; S&P 500 avoids third day of losses
  248. S&P and Nasdaq rise; Dow off on earnings
  249. [video] Corporate taxes drive jobs outside the U.S: Pro
  250. [video] Can the GOP take back Senate in 2014?