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  1. SPX Update: The Rally Has Now Completed Minimum Expectations
  2. Wall Street opens lower after recent gains
  3. Today's Lone Dow Winner
  4. January AAII Asset Allocation Survey: Equity Allocations Rise To Highest Level Since
  5. Will Political Drama Hurt Europe’s Economy?
  6. Inside Social Security’s Obscure Incentive to Keep Americans Working
  7. Is The Stock Market Cheap?
  8. [video] Maria's Market Insight: Market Selling Off
  9. Are Stock Market Bulls Resting for a Big Record Breakthrough?
  10. The Bond Market Massacre Began on This Day
  11. Asia Shares Down on US, Europe Uncertainty
  12. 2 Stocks To Buy, 1 Stock To Sell, What's Next For The Market
  13. Interview With Ethan Harris: Tax Hikes And Spending Cuts Guarantee Weak First Half
  14. U.S. stock index futures signal higher Wall Street open
  15. The Pullback Is Not Over Yet
  16. 3 Lessons From This Earnings Season
  17. U.S. stock rally lifts Dow back to 14,000
  18. This Is Not A Secular Bull Market
  19. Four Questions to Ask Yourself Before Making a Trade
  20. Stocks Recover After Worst Drop in 2013; Dow Near 14,000
  21. [video] Mother of All Triple Tops Coming?
  22. [video] Europe Risk Could Thwart Rally: Larry McDonald
  23. Is Apple's Rotten Run Over?
  24. Traders Search for Pullback Trigger as Fears Rise
  25. Today's 3 Worst Stocks
  26. [video] Mad Money, Feb. 5, 2013
  27. Increasingly Wary
  28. Hewlett-Packard: The Breakup Story That Never Was
  29. Are You Part Of The Dumb Money?
  30. [video] Pre-Market Report: What You Need to Know
  31. Stock index futures point to slightly higher Wall Street open
  32. Dow 14,000: Are You The Sucker?
  33. China’s Uneasy Relationship With Information
  34. A Warning from the Charts
  35. This Chart Holds The Key To The End Of The Bull Market
  36. Treasurys rise on Italian election unease
  37. Stocks Dip in Choppy Trading, Dragged by Energy
  38. [video] Herb on the Street: Dividend Increases
  39. Today’s 3 Worst Stocks
  40. Dell’s Transformation Won’t Mirror IBM
  41. [video] Opportunity Knocks? Do Your Homework!
  42. Dow Rises As Some of Its Components Fall
  43. Traders Watching Scary Chart Patterns and Bearish Forecasts
  44. Has the Market Rally Found Its Next Sponsor?
  45. Here are the Key Stock Market Levels Everyone is Watching Now
  46. Stock futures climb ahead of ECB, claims data
  47. Here’s What the Congressional Budget Office Expects for 2013 and Beyond
  48. Stock futures up; data, ECB, retail sales ahead
  49. Stocks Fall, but New York Times Company Surges
  50. Have Mom And Pop Really Been Buying Stocks?
  51. Why the Time Is Now for Small-Cap and Micro-Cap ETFs
  52. U.S. productivity sinks 2% in fourth quarter
  53. Weak Economic Data Pushes Stocks Lower
  54. Volatility Sits at Six-Year Lows, Now What?
  55. Fourth Quarter GDP, Just More Evidence of ‘Kick the Can’ Economics
  56. Today's 3 Worst Stocks
  57. Is this market headed for a correction?
  58. Unemployment Concerns Hit Markets, but not These Stocks
  59. After Taking Wells Fargo's Crown, Is JPMorgan a Steal?
  60. Lower Productivity Points To Slower Growth And Higher Inflation
  61. 3 Reasons We’re Not in a Stock Bubble
  62. Dow and S&P to Open Flat This Morning
  63. Stock futures little changed after China, German data
  64. Stocks Higher, Led by Techs; Vix Below 13
  65. Friday’s biggest gaining and declining stocks
  66. [video] Sen. Blumenthal Talks Storm Nemo
  67. You Can Be A Stock Market Genius: Uncover The Secret Hiding Places Of Stock Market Pr
  68. [video] Markets Eager to Push Higher on Fresh Eurozone Hopes
  69. Are Investors Focused on the Wrong Risks?
  70. [video] Are Stocks In Rally Mode?
  71. [video] Benghazi Attack: Where Was Obama?
  72. Does the Critical Sequestration Question Have An Answer?
  73. The Top 5 Contrarian Reads of the Week
  74. Is Now The Time To Buy Stocks?
  75. Auto Loans and Student Debt Bubble Fuel Consumer Borrowing
  76. Everything Housing Investors Need to Know Now: Weekly Recap
  77. 3 Stocks That Led the Dow This Week
  78. Correction? Watch The Cyclicals!
  79. Fear The Spider
  80. Lessons For This Week: Disturbing Developments From Japan, EU Part 1
  81. Vice Tightens For Those Who Missed The Pre-Party
  82. What We Learned About the Economy This Week
  83. Apple’s New Big Buzz and All the Top Stories Moving Markets This Week
  84. Here’s what could wake up stocks this week
  85. When it Comes to ETFs, Know What You Own
  86. QE And Stock Prices: A Review Of Recent Data
  87. US Shares Seen Higher; Yellen to Speak
  88. Stock index futures signal higher open
  89. China Is America’s #1 Cyber Threat: U.S. Govt. Report
  90. Stocks drop, dragged by energy and materials
  91. Google Chairman To Sell 3.2 Million Shares; Buy Some
  92. Treasurys flat; dealer short positions swell
  93. Chart of the Day: Comical SPX Earnings Expectations
  94. Pfizer Defies the Dow's Dreary Day
  95. Is Real Estate Acting Bubblicious Again?
  96. Ask a Fool: Managed Funds or Index Funds?
  97. Yen plunges vs dollar, yen; Wall St steps back
  98. Economy or Deficit: What Should the President’s Top Priority Be?
  99. This Huge Yield Play Is Played Out
  100. Growing Global Capital Chasing Returns Will Chase The Stock Markets Of The World Upwa
  101. Stock futures off; Fed speakers, G-7 in spotlight
  102. Tuesday’s biggest gaining and declining stocks
  103. Coca-Cola drop weighs on Dow industrials
  104. Stocks Mixed Ahead of Obama's State of the Union
  105. Immigration Is an Economic Issue: Actress and Obama Campaign Co-Chair Eva Longoria
  106. Treasurys remain down after $32 billion auction
  107. Today's 3 Best Stocks
  108. Q4 Earnings Outpacing Estimates
  109. Dow, S&P Close at 5-Year Highs; Apple Falls 2%
  110. Techs May Be Key to Breaching New Highs
  111. Ask a Fool: Should We Expect a Market Correction in 2013?
  112. SPY Soars And Gold Falls As U.S. Borrows 24.6 Cents Of Every Dollar Spent In Fiscal 2
  113. Here’s Your State of the Union Address in One Picture
  114. [video] Post State of the Union Analysis
  115. Stock index futures point to slightly higher start
  116. Obama Sends Message to Wall Street by Not Talking About Wall Street
  117. Why Hyperinflation Is No Myth: The Shadow Banking Component
  118. For This Super-Investor, the "Great Rotation" Has Begun
  119. Thoughts On The Great Rotation
  120. The S&P Rally To 1,500: Version 3 - Is This Time Really The Charm?
  121. U.S. stock momentum stalls on pullback concern
  122. The 'Set it and Forget It' Market Hedge
  123. VIX Futures Snapshot: A Classic 'Rolldown' Has Begun
  124. Cisco, Whole Foods shares drop after hours
  125. When Politics Trump Economics
  126. Does This Commerce Department Report Bode Well for Q1 GDP Growth?
  127. Traders Watching for What Might Jolt Market
  128. Now Is Not the Time to Raise the Minimum Wage
  129. Are Stock Markets Drifting Calm Ahead of a Big Wave?
  130. [video] Washington Leading the Markets?
  131. [video] Pre-Market Report: What You Need to Know
  132. 3 Fundamental Negatives Investors Can't Ignore
  133. Dow, S&P Break Into Positive Territory, but EU Woes Weigh; HNZ Soars
  134. Fear, Greed, And Market Tops
  135. Wall Street dips off five-year highs after Europe, Japan data
  136. Wall Street flat near multi-year highs, M&A helps
  137. Agilent, Brocade results on deck after hours
  138. Traders Bet Merger Doesn't Drag Down US Airways
  139. Today's 3 Worst Stocks
  140. S&P 500 - Uncertain Spending Cuts Creating Small Trading Ranges And Signaling A Top?
  141. Ask a Fool: Buy Gold Now?
  142. AAII Sentiment Survey: Here’s How Investors Feel Now
  143. Merger Activity Back but Not Likely to Heat Up Market
  144. Follow the Pros Out of This Yield Play
  145. Wrapping It Up For 2013
  146. Capex Recovery Will Fuel a Super Bull Market: Belski
  147. Treasury Yield Snapshot: 10 Year Hovering At Two Percent
  148. [video] Sorrell's Final Word
  149. Treasurys fall, little reaction to economic data
  150. Energy stocks fall; Apache among largest decliners
  151. Trading A Defiant Market Against An Import Warning
  152. How Wal-Mart Crushed the Dow
  153. Yen falls on draft G20 statement; oil slides
  154. U.S. stocks drop on Wal-Mart sales worry
  155. Today's 3 Worst Stocks
  156. [video] Sequester Scare Tactics
  157. MarketWatch’s top 10 stories, Feb. 11 - 15
  158. Are Consumers Feeling Any Better About the Economy?
  159. Traders Are Watching to See If the Consumer Stumbles
  160. RIP, Stock Market Volatility (2007-2012)
  161. All the Top Market-Moving Stories of the Week You Must Know
  162. 3 Stocks Leading the Dow This Week
  163. The Top 5 Contrarian Reads of the Week
  164. Cash Hoards On The Sidelines And The Great Rotation: Old Myths Meet A New Reality
  165. After decent rally, perhaps time for a pause
  166. Quantitative vs. Qualitative Methods For Stock Analysis
  167. Spending Cuts and Politicians: Same Story, Different Chapter
  168. Stock market wild card: big spending cuts
  169. This Week's Top 5 Market Movers: Variations On The Prevailing Themes
  170. 5 Important Economic Reports Every Investor is Digesting
  171. Why G-20 Isn't a Sign That Yen Will Fall Further
  172. Stock Rally Continues, But Loses Some Steam
  173. Is The S&P 500 Mean Reverting? A Rescaled Range Analysis Provides The Answer
  174. A Reply To Barry Ritholtz's Secular Bear Question
  175. Look Out! Correction Looms for Soaring Nikkei
  176. A Bullish Case For Gold: Let The Facts Speak
  177. Interview With Nariman Behravesh: Consumer Fundamentals To Accelerate U.S. Growth
  178. Monday Morning Cheat Sheet: 3 Stories Moving Markets
  179. What Happened While Wall Street Was Closed
  180. Will the Real Estate Rally Continue This Week?
  181. Here’s What is Behind This German Minister’s Positive Outlook for the EU
  182. Why US Crude Will Find It Difficult to Breach $100
  183. Wall Street ends slightly down, S&P positive for seventh week
  184. Open Letter To The Talented Chairman Bernanke
  185. Tuesday Morning Cheat Sheet: 3 Stories Moving Markets
  186. Stock futures rise on deals, extend seven-week rally
  187. Dow to Open Higher After Extended Weekend
  188. Tuesday’s Mid-Day Movers: 3 Stories Driving Markets
  189. President's Day Week Returns Since 1990
  190. Stocks Heat Up on Influx of Deals
  191. This Market Just Won't Die
  192. S&P closes at 5-year high as U.S. stocks gain
  193. Is the U.S. Economy Out of the Woods?
  194. [video] Dow, S&P 500 Close at 5-Year Highs
  195. 1 Value Pick for the Toughest Environment in 30 Years
  196. Are Fearless Bulls Building a Blitz Toward These Dow and S&P Milestones?
  197. Fed Message Will Be Dovish Despite Ruffled Feathers
  198. Korean Exporters Lift Asia Shares Higher
  199. Critics Be Damned, Bernanke Is Getting it Right: Munson
  200. Wall St set for flat open after data, Fed minutes on tap
  201. Wall Street set for flat open after data, Fed minutes on tap
  202. The Stock Market Is Not Overvalued Based On The Last 50 Years' History
  203. World shares, oil slip as investors await Fed minutes
  204. More Upside Likely for Risk Assets, but Key Resistance Levels Are Just Ahead for Bull
  205. 3 Sectors With Upside Ahead: Alec Young
  206. VeriFone shares mauled, Tesla drops after hours
  207. Today's 3 Best Stocks
  208. The 3 Rules for Increasing Your Social Security Benefits
  209. Asia Retreats; Australia, China Dive Over 1%
  210. Is It Time To Buy Gold Via GLD?
  211. SDY: One Good ETF For The Dividend Investor
  212. Are Stock Market Investors Being Fooled by a Fed Bluff?
  213. Take Some Chips Off The Table
  214. What Happens When Pennies and Nickels Become Too Expensive?
  215. Stocks Fall After Jobless Claims; Vix Jumps Above 15
  216. U.S. stock indexes start with modest losses
  217. “I Don’t See a Reason to Be Bearish…But Don’t Chase Stocks”: Howard Lindzon
  218. Hormel: Another All-Time High for the Spam Seller
  219. Wal-Mart Defies the Dow's Drop
  220. Marc Faber: 'Market Has Peaked Out'
  221. H-P, Marvell climb after hours following results
  222. Has the ECB Put Itself in a Tricky Situation with This Release?
  223. U.S. Equities: Climb, Consolidate, Correct Or Crash?
  224. Do These Jobless Numbers Indicate an Improving Market?
  225. 2 Stocks To Buy, 1 Stock To Sell, What's Next For The Market
  226. Can Stock Bulls Fight Back for a Stampede Rally?
  227. Stock index futures signal a rebound
  228. This Will Drive Stocks Over the Next 7 Days
  229. Wall Street rebounds as technology stocks gain
  230. Stocks on the Mend; HP Gains
  231. Consumers Already Playing Defense Against Higher Taxes
  232. Can Silvio Berlusconi dent the global stock rally?
  233. U.S. companies plan to spend, a boost for the economy
  234. The Most Outrageous Economic Stimulus Plan Ever
  235. MarketWatch’s top 10 stories, Feb. 18 - 22
  236. How Volatility Could Derail the M&A Boom
  237. [video] Late Day Rally on Wall Street
  238. Everything Housing Investors Need to Know Now: Weekly Recap
  239. Here’s What Pushed and Pulled the Dow This Week
  240. 3 Stocks Leading the Dow This Week
  241. AAII Sentiment Survey: Is This a Signal for a Short-Term Trend Change?
  242. Is The S&P 500 Overbought?
  243. Darden Restaurants' Falling Revenues Mean It Is Time To Take Profits
  244. Did U.S. Companies Just Give the Economy A Vote of Confidence?
  245. Bernanke bump: Stocks tend to rally on testimony
  246. Truck Tonnage Chart Shows Economy Continues To Grow
  247. Correction Patience
  248. All the Top Stock Stories Pushing Major Markets Down This Week
  249. In M&A, People Are the Key
  250. Is Economic Recovery Up in the Private Sector?