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EbbChart Trading System Return:

Prior Year EbbChart Trading System Return:
EbbChart System G Fund F Fund C Fund S Fund I Fund 20% Each
2012 Totals +15.35% +1.47% +4.29% +16.07% +18.57% +18.62% +11.80%
The EbbChart Trading System

EbbChart Trading System

The EbbChart System can be access on the Premium Services Page. 

- Sample EbbChart Report 

- EbbChart Primer - Get a quick look at what the EbbChart is all about.

About the EbbChart System:

I started collecting market data on a daily basis after the dot-com bubble era. Last year (2006), my system was based solely on tracking the I-fund.  With this system, I was able to achieve over 32% in 2006.  This year I incorporated the C-fund and the S-fund into the system to be tracked alongside the I-fund.  The database that keeps track of the funds individually is called the "EbbTracker." 

The "EbbChart" was designed to show all three separate funds being tracked at the same time.  A green (buy) or red (sell) signal is assigned to each fund every singe trading day.  For the most part, this is how the system goes:  two or more green signals, we go to equities (S/I-fund); two or more red signals, we go to safe haven (G/F-fund).  The new system enables us to cross-check the funds against each other and help us determine our move for the day.  On a sidenote, the new system has beaten the old system (ebbtracker's I-fund) in eight of the nine months so far this year.

I won't go into detail on how I gather my data, but I can say that these are entered and saved into the ebbtracker.  These crunched-up numbers are like snapshots of past historical market patterns.  The thousands of accumulated patterns (off-shoot patterns included) are used to compare it with today's market patterns.  From the matching patterns, we get to identify the trends (uptrends or downtrends) that develop, and last but not the least, the cycles are used to define the length of the trends.  That, in a nutshell, is how we get the green (buy) and red (sell) signals for each fund everyday.

- Eb

 The EbbChart System can be access on the Premium Services Page
About the system's author:
I've worked in the Post Office for many years.  I owned a lot of computers way back then (Apple II, C-64, C-128) and wrote lots of personal programs and games for it, so you can say that I'm a bit of a computer geek. 
With the TSP account I have accumulated, I decided to create a system that can maximize my returns in the shortest time possible.  I wanted a system that can compare past historical patterns with today's market patterns, so I can have short-term entry and exit points.  Since I have already amassed tons of the proper data needed for my database (ebbtracker), I began back-testing in late 2005.  I had great results from that and started using it in 2006.  I've only been tracking the I-fund at this point, but on January 16, 2007, I decided to incorporate the C and S-fund with the I-fund for tracking.  Soon after, I released the ebbchart to show how the ebbtracker is tracking the C, S and I-fund.  The thing I've noticed about the ebbtracker/ebbchart is the consistency of gains I've been seeing.  By using the ebbchart (Jan. 16 thru Jun. 01), I would have been exposed to stocks only 55% of the time.  Think about that the next time we're in a bear market! 

- ebbnflow


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