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Coolhand's Market Analysis
Coolhand's Returns:
2020 Returns Coolhand G Fund F Fund C Fund S Fund I Fund 20% Each
Thru 09/22/20 1.22% 0.75% 6.96% 3.98% 2.16% -7.24% 1.32%
Coolhand's Market Analysis

Coolhand's Market Analysis can be access on the Premium Services Page. 

How to Gain Access: http://www.tsptalk.com/create-premium-account-video.php

- Sample Coolhand Report 

About Coolhand’s Market Analysis:

There are many ways to approach trading and investing. My personal style employs a lower risk approach in determining how much stock exposure is warranted at any given time. Our TSP limitations are taken into account in determining risk.

So what does my service provide? In a nutshell, my market analysis focuses on the following:

- Identifying trends to maximize gains.

 - Providing sentiment analysis.

- Technical analysis to watch support/resistance levels and chart patterns as well as other

- Tracking allocations on the auto-tracker, which can be used to generate buy and sell signals.

- Managing risk.

These are the basics, but I believe the biggest challenge in using any set of indicators is keeping the market in context because emotion tends to bias our reasoning. And emotion is perhaps the biggest obstacle for any trader or investor to manage.

The service provides a daily report sent each morning. That is 5 reports each week, excluding weekends and holidays. Other reports will be sent as required (such as information alerts) and any changes in my allocation (Inter-fund Transfers) will be sent as an Inter-Fund Transfer (IFT) Alert.

There is also a premium account talk thread where subscribers may interact with me and/or other subscribers. I will provide additional information in that thread, such as charts or general market information as needed.

 Coolhand's Market Analysis can be access on the Premium Services Page
About Coolhand:

I entered the U.S. Navy when I was eighteen years old back in 1976. I was trained as an Electronics Technician, but my Navy education went far beyond that initial training. During my 25 years of military service I worked in the Navy’s nuclear power program for several years, taught radar system operation and maintenance as a Navy Instructor, managed schoolhouse operations as a Training Chief, and was even stationed for one year in Diego Garcia as a Ground Electronics Maintenance Officer. I retired from active duty in 2001.

Not long after I retired, I completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Information Systems and went back to work for the Navy as a Logistics Manager.

I have been actively engaged in stock market analysis for more than 10 years now.

- Coolhand

Refund Policy

If you're not happy with your annual subscription, just cancel and request a refund within the 1st 30-days*. No questions asked. 

* Monthly subscriptions are not eligible for refunds.  Read more about the cancellation / refund policy here.

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