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June 20, 2018, 9:08 am (ET / EDT)
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TSP Fund Returns by Date Range

Start Date (yyyy-mm-dd):

  End Date (yyyy-mm-dd):

Fund Returns From:
June 20, 2018 thru June 20, 2018
(Actual COB Jun 19 thru COB Jun 20)
Fund Start Price End Price Return
G-fund 15.7396 15.7396 0.0000%
F-fund 17.7906 17.7906 0.00%
C-fund 39.2141 39.2141 0.00%
S-fund 52.8009 52.8009 0.00%
I-fund 30.1319 30.1319 0.00%
L2050-fund 19.9036 19.9036 0.00%
L2040-fund 34.285 34.285 0.00%
L2030-fund 31.4158 31.4158 0.00%
L2020-fund 27.3479 27.3479 0.00%
L-Inc-fund 19.8436 19.8436 0.00%

The AutoTracker is a contest that measures the return of your investment decisions as compared to other members' returns.  Because deposits can readjust your allocations, your actual TSP account returns will vary.  To track your returns more accurately, try using one of our returns spreadsheets.
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This tracking system is for entertainment purposes only and is not affiliated with the official Thrift Savings Plan website, www.tsp.gov. It is free to use by our site members, however we reserved the right to terminate any member's account without prior notice. You will need to do your own transfers through the www.tsp.gov website for the actual transfer. This tracking system is the IFT allocation reporting system for TSPtalk.com members only and will not impact your actual Thrift Savings Plan account.
The TSP Talk AutoTracker was designed, developed, and contributed to TSP Talk by our own member, ocean.
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