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    I thought all inactive AT members were going to be removed. Or is there a way to see the results without them or with them at the bottom. Out of the way like.
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    Can we remove inactive AT members from the chart? I count 300 plus between where I stand and the #1 spot.
    11.80% for 2012, 24.79% for 2013, -5.13% for 2014 , 4.94% for 2015 WTF?, -0.04% for 2016 , 11.11% for 2017======= 7.91% six year average

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    Read these, any questions PM us!
    AutoTracker Rules - and how to get started

    Just a couple messages for our Autotracker members to clear up some recent questions.

    Staying Active

    We now have over 1000 accounts on the AutoTracker, although some are not being displayed because of inactivity. Being "active" on the AutoTracker simply means logging in. You don't have to make any IFT's. You just need to sign into the AutoTracker occasionally so we know you are still around.

    Here is a breakdown of penalties for inactivity. If you haven't logged in for:

    • 60 days: You are ineligible for prizes
    • 90 days: Your account will show up as "I Forgot to Login" on the standings pages. Simply signing in will get you back on
    • 180 days: Your account is delisted and you'll need to contact us to be reactivated
    • 1 year: Your account is deleted

    Your account can also be deactivated if your email address in the AutoTracker is not current. If you didn't receive a copy of this message via email recently you may not have a current email address in your profile. Go to: to make any necessary changes.

    Late / Incorrect IFT Entries and the Deadline

    Because we have over 1000 accounts, it has become much more difficult to handle late or incorrect entries because these changes have to be done manually and it is time consuming. Your IFT is late in the AutoTracker after 12:10 PM ET. That is 10 minutes after the TSP's transaction deadline.

    We will make a change as long as:

    • You are not showing a pattern of being consistently late
    • We hear from you by 7 PM ET on the day the IFT is effective
    • Premium Service members will get a 24 hour window

    After we process the new daily share prices (usually after 7 PM ET) it becomes much more difficult to edit your IFT and change your returns. Perhaps some day we will automate this but still, this is a contest and making late changes is not always fair to those who do make the deadline.

    So, if you are late, here is what you should do:

    • Enter your IFT (even though it is late) before 7 PM ET
    • Use the Comments field on the IFT screen to let us know you meant to make this IFT before the deadline or send a PM (private message) on the message board to "tsptalk".

    Remember, the Autotracker is actually just a contest for entertainment and educational purposes, and we have no way to verify that members are actually making the transfers in their TSP account.

    If you wish to track your TSP account allocations and returns more accurately, please feel free to download the spreadsheets provided on

    To view the current returns, allocations and standings for all members, please go to or... click here.

    If it has been a while, please take a minute to login so you don't have to worry about being "inactive". Login now

    Thank you!!
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