Newbie member here...

I have a couple of questions regarding the I Fund.

Currently I am 1/2 L2030, and 1/4 C Fund, and 1/4 S Fund.

I am considering changing to 2/3 I Fund and 1/3 C Fund.

Currently I have $414K and four to nine years until retirement.

Because my pension and SS are defined I am willing to be aggressive with my TSP.

My thinking is this:

The current US Stock Market run-up is ageing. Maybe at 3rd base already. But maybe a soft landing is occurring and the bull will run for another 10 years.

The I fund is starting to rise, but is still not back to pre-recession levels. In order to maximize a run-ups return one must invest early. It is still fairly early in any I Fund run up.

So my questions are these: Is the general consensus that the I Fund is experiencing a sort-term rally, or is it at the beginning of a long bull market? How does the value of the dollar affect these investments? Strong dollar: Good or Bad?

Many thanks.