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Thread: The Problem with the I Fund.

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    Default The Problem with the I Fund.

    Great article over on about the "I fund", and the problems that the I fund doesn't really reflect the international market.

    Thrift Savings Plan: The problem with the I Fund -

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    Default Re: The Problem with the I Fund.

    Thanks for the Article James!! Very good Article on the I fund... which I have never liked! Now I have even more reason to not like it, though I am in it now 20%.

    Best Wishes on your investments!!!!!!!!!
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    Might not reflect but this fund is up 14% in less than 5 months. Outperforming all TSP funds to date.

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    Default Re: The Problem with the I Fund.

    It is not the Fund to set and forget by any means. However, like today, the rally up where it outperformed the other funds, made it my choice today. I still have another IFT left to get out. I'll probably go back to 'C'.


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