I usually never mess with the F fund - for me it's stocks or the G. That said, I am beginning to see the errors of my ways and I'm becoming more intrigued.

Tom's discussion today, May 26, "Stocks or Bonds" was a good one. (Thanks for that, Tom). Now my question... After looking at the charts that were posted within that discussion, and comparing them to the actual F-fund prices, I am confused. The F fund rallied hard in Nov-Dec of 2008, which is fine, but what I can't comprehend is why the F-fund (according to TSP.gov) made a new 2009 high of 12.80 just a few days ago (May 20). Seems like it should've peaked around early January... and should be lower now. This is not the case... why? Thanks in advance and sorry if my question is noobish.