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Thread: March Madness Contest 2017

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    Thumbs up March Madness Contest 2017

    Yahoo March Madness 2017

    Group Name: TSP Talk March Madness
    Group ID:
    Password: tsptalk99

    Click Here to Get Started-
    If you don't have a Yahoo! account, you'll need to create one (it's free).

    1) "Create a new bracket"
    2) Name your Bracket (ie: "Dragons", "Bob's Picks"...)
    3) Fill in your bracket after teams are announced

    The deadline is Thursday March 16th at 12:00 noon ET. You can make as many updates as you need up until that point.

    Prizes will be awarded to the TOP 5

    1st Place - TSP Talk T-shirt AND 16oz Stainless Steel Rubber Gripped Travel Mug

    2nd Place - Choice of TSP Talk T-shirt OR
    16oz Stainless Steel Rubber Gripped Travel Mug

    3rd - 5th - 16 oz. GoCup Travel Tumblers

    Winning teams get 1 point times the round number, for each win, except for the final game (round 6) which is worth 10-points.

    For example:
    Round 1 = 1-point per win
    Round 2 = 2-points per win
    Round 3 = 3-points per win
    Round 4 = 4-points per win
    Round 5 = 5-points per win
    Round 6 = 10-points

    Upset Pick Bonus:
    Upset pick bonus gives you 1 extra point for picking lower-seeded teams correctly. You will be awarded the extra bonus point for each upset (lower seed beating a higher seed) you correctly predict.

    Get Started

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    Default Re: March Madness Contest 2017

    We have about an hour left to get the picks in.

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    Top 5 through Round 2:
    Rank Bracket 1 2 Finals Bonus Pts Total Pts
    1 31 22 Louisville 6 59
    2 28 24 N. Carolina 5 57
    3 27 24 UCLA 3 54
    4 26 22 N. Carolina 5 53
    4 27 22 Kansas 4 53


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    Default Re: March Madness Contest 2017

    Cool Bracket Scenario Generator...


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    Default Re: March Madness Contest 2017

    Quote Originally Posted by tsptalk View Post

    Congratulations! Winners, please PM or email me () your shipping info.

    2nd place (Lockmaster) I will need your choice of prize.

    I'll need shirt sizes from ripper, and
    Lockmaster if you choose a shirt.

    Thanks for playing!

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    Default Re: March Madness Contest 2017

    Sorry folks... I posted the final standings prematurely last night after the game, not realizing Yahoo hadn't updated them yet. I've posted the final standings again which has some minor differences. Thanks.


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