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    Kar crazy’s reply started me thinking about past projects I worked on with friends. Never had any money for my own car project.

    Lots of things but I will restrict myself to Chevrolet.

    Back in the day, junkyard 283s and manual 3 speeds were plentiful. Pedal setup for getting rid of the powerglide also easy to find. Find a floor shifter (Hurst synchro-lock?) and you were all set. If the 283 block was pretty perfect you could bore .30 over and get yourself a 287 which everyone would brag was a 301. I can’t remember specifics. If there was no money for a Muncie M-20 or 21 or Borg-Warner T-10 the junkyard 3 speed was your go to. Better than a Powerglide. Maybe.

    I recall a perfectly good 62 Impala convertible with a 283 power glide being frankensteined to a 348 4bbl 3 speed. Never ran as fast as the original 283 and always overheated. 283 never overheated and no idea where that 348 came from. We just experimented. Probably needed a bigger radiator.

    Fortunately, marriage and my local draft board took me to different goals. I had bought what was advertised as a 425HP 427 and a Muncie 4 speed. Gonna build me a hot rod. The 427 had cast iron heads and hydraulic lifters. Also a seized wrist pin. The Muncie was probably a M-20. I sold them at a loss to get on with my new life.

    Since then I have only done what was necessary to keep the junk I owned road worthy and later minor repairs like brake jobs. Now I am at the point where I just want whatever I own to run. That means taking a new car to the dealer and arguing about warrantee repairs.

    Thank you kar crazy for taking me down memory lane.

    this kind of Hot Rod?
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    Valkerie, I never answered though I see it was humor. FWIW the "hot rod" was going to be an auction C-10 short bed with a 12 bolt 4:11 rear end. Probably ill advised based on later life circumstances. Also based on no chassis upgrades planned. Drum brakes, no turning ability and no traction. No traction thought based on the fact you could burn the right rear off any 6 banger pickup at will then.


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