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Thread: How to Get Started in The Premium Forums

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    Default How to Get Started in The Premium Forums

    Hi everyone!

    The Premium Services area of the TSP Talk Forums has been set up for paying subscribers to discuss the premium services and systems. To gain access to them, you must be a member of the Forum and a current paying subscriber to one of the premium services.

    To become a member of the Forum, please register here.

    If you are already a member of the forum and a premium service member, you will be automatically given access*. If you don't have access within 24 hours of subscribing,
    send me (tsptalk) a PM and he'll grant you access manually.

    * Your Premium Service username or email address should match your forum username / email address for the automatic access to work. If you would like to update your information in the premium service area go to:

    Please be aware that talking about specific Premium Service information (allocations, etc.) in the public area of the forum is not acceptable and may get you banned from the message board. Please use the Premium threads.

    If you are not currently a member and have a question about the premium services, please click here.

    Thank you!

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    Default re: How to Get Started in The Premium Forums

    While we don't want to put too many restrictions on what is posted inside the premium services forums, we do want to encourage premium service members to continue to use the public forum area for anything that is unrelated to the premium services.

    The public portion of the message board is still the place where most members are looking to share information and ideas, looking for help, asking questions, etc., and we want that to continue.

    Thank you for understanding.



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