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Thread: The Contest Prizes

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    Default The Contest Prizes

    Contest Winners, please choose one of the following...

    (see below)

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    Default re: The Contest Prizes

    The 14 oz. stainless steel (plastic inside) travel mug


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    Default re: The Contest Prizes

    These mugs came in but they all seem to have a slight flaw. Around the perimeter of the blue plastic, just below the lid, there may be small scuff marks probably caused by the box they are put in. They look OK, and are totally functional, but the quality is not 100%. If you stand 3 feet away, you won't even notice

    Of course if you like them, you can still choose it as your prize for winning the monthly AutoTracker contests.

    Logo is actually all-white, not in color...


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    $15 Starbucks Card


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    Default Amazon Gift Cards

    $30 Gift Card
    (1st Place Only)
    $15 Gift Card
    (All Others)

    I can physically mail you the card, or I can send it via email (obviously quicker).
    Please let me know when you respond. Thanks!


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    16 oz. GoCup Travel Tumblers - BPA Free Polypropylene

    Last edited by tsptalk; 06-14-2013 at 12:21 AM. Reason: Apparently they are not officially "microwavable"

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    Default re: The Contest Prizes

    16oz Stainless Steel Rubber Gripped Travel Mug

    - Double wall thermal plastic insulation liner
    - Color-matching Plastic lid with spill prevention slide lock
    - Grab-N-Go grips


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    Default re: The Contest Prizes

    Light yellow T-Shirts...

    *Some sizes not available

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    Default 1oz TSP Talk .999 Silver Coin / Round / Medallion

    1st Place Winners only!

    1oz TSP Talk .999 Silver Coin / Round / Medallion...

    1st Place Winners only!

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    Default Re: 1oz TSP Talk .999 Silver Coin / Round / Medallion

    Sleeve of 3 TSP Talk (Wilson) Golf Balls

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    Default Re: The Contest Prizes

    15oz Ceramic Coffee Mug

    • 15oz. Photo sublimation white ceramic mug
    • Smooth molded ceramic composite
    • Glossy white exterior
    • Easy comfort grip curved handle



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