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Thread: May 2018 AutoTracker Winners!

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    Thumbs up May 2018 AutoTracker Winners!

    The May 2018 results are in and here are the top returns ...

    * Since there were over 100 people tied for 5th by being 100% in the S-fund the entire month, I am going to fall to the tie-breaker rule and unfortunately only award the prizes to the top 4. Sorry! * In the case of tie-breaker winners, the prizes can be determined by the administrator.

    Congratulations! Great job.

    If you are interested, please pick one of the prizes* on this page: The Monthly Prizes

    ... and PM me your choice and your shipping information (even if you've sent it before).

    Some prizes are only for the first place winners, and they are marked as such.

    I will also need ...

    ... If you are taking any shirts, I will need your size.

    ... If you choose an Amazon Gift Card, it will sent electronically to your email account so please include your email address when replying.

    Great job everyone!

    Don't wait too long! You have 60-days to claim your prize.

    To view all monthly returns, see TSP Talk AutoTracker - May
    or go to the tracker page TSP Talk AutoTracker

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    Default Re: May 2018 AutoTracker Winners!

    Congratulations to the winner's. Great numbers.
    May the force be with us.

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    Default Re: May 2018 AutoTracker Winners!

    Congratulations, well done!
    Links Crude Settle $65.05 06-19-2018
    -$.78 Loss

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    Thanks guys. Got lucky.
    "Character cannot be taught, or learned; it is innate." -- Billions, Season 3

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    Default Re: May 2018 AutoTracker Winners!

    Congratulations all!
    Those are some pretty awesome numbers, especially considering the world politics going on in May!!
    There are 10 types of people in the world. Those who know binary, and those that don't!!
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