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    is anybody interested in a wager on tonight's rousey v nunes bout?

    i got silver or whiskey that says ronda takes it down.

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    well that was thoroughly disappointing, at $49 for SD and a 48 second 'fight', it works out to about $1 per second. sheet, i've had sex that didn't last that long and was way funner. whatever holly holm did to ronda a year ago i'm not sure, but obviously when she kicked rowdy in the head the fighting piece of her soul flew out the other ear. then last night this mexbian nunes sticks her fist out and ronda walks into it hard about six times and flops, forehead up and chin out like a cavewoman.

    pretty dang sure ronda will never fight again. she better get to studying how to cook and clean because that little pudge pot ain't good for nuthin else, got to earn your keep somehow, nobody eats for free.

    but on the bright side, nobody was smart enough to take my bet so i don't have to upload pictures of me nekked to the facebook thingy for payoff.

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    Yeah, I'd been watching Rousey leading up to this fight. She was always coming off as angry, pi$$ed, out for blood. I guess the one person she couldn't convince was herself. And Nunes apparently. That "1000 yard stare" turned out to be a "deer in the headlights".
    Thing is, Rousey is a master at judo. Not a power puncher. Spin 'em and pin 'em. She looked stunned and helpless from the start. But, I guess 27 blows landed vs. 7 will do that to a gal.
    I think she needs a new manager/trainer IF she ever decides to make yet another comeback. People love a comeback. If you win anyway.

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    yeah, right? why she fight standing up? she a good wrassler.

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    Sad ending for Ronda Rousey. Like I said in the "Sports" thread, Ronda has a questionable chin, she can't box, glass chin. Ronda's great at wrappling, the ground game, most wins by submission. Holy Holm exposed Rousey's awful boxing technique with her superior boxing skills a year ago. Nunez has it all, good boxer, and good if not great martial arts techniques, Judo, jiu jitsu etc. Ronda, destroyed in 48 seconds of first round. Time to hang it up... Downfall?? Lack of boxing skills, no chin. Notice how she's wobbled with that first jab, and Rousey stretching her arms aimlessly trying to grab Amanda Nunez for a miracle take down. Ronda is not the same, looked like an amateur, I think she'll call it quits, end of game. Eventually Nunez will get her beat down, I imagine the big money match will be against the she-man "Cyborg". Getting your arse kicked for millions of dollars can't be all that bad.

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    ufc 208 tonight, holm v de randamie

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    holy wow, 1/2" or 9/16"? honey, grab my wrench!

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    oh man, the boys are raining lead, heavy heavy shots. setting up a good night for fight.

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    yeah that was bullshit. two deliberate big shots after the bell in rounds two and three, no penalty. holly controlled that fight. dutch welfare i guess. dirty fighter, dirty fight.

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