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Thread: movie reviews

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    Definitely the correct answer. No doubt...
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    As of right now, Star Wars is officially 40 years old. Which is itself amazing in that I bet a lot of people are feeling very old right now. Equally amazing is just how many stories have been told in that universe in that time.
    pivitol moment in a young boy's life, taught me to dream. also that is about the time i began to be attracted to girls with braids, really attracted.

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    also you can google "jedi or sith quiz" and find out some things. this one says i am pretty balanced so it is a good one. the first two were bullcrap because they incorrectly called me darth vader and the biggest evil in the universe (it was the "bad driver" and "shoot first" answers i'm pretty sure).

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    also the new wonder woman movie is coming soon, hottest wonder woman in the world with them cute perky's (sorry linda).

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    OMG! you have to go see wonder woman! it is a great movie, way better than mars or jurassic whatever, ranks up there with star wars. don't be fooled though, yes there is a hot chick with super powers, i don't want to give it aways, but it's really a love story! i teared up at least four times. even my kid did at the end. we're walking out i ask him "what is that" he says "my contacts are bugging me, something is scratching my eye". uh huh.

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    Wow!! Burro, your enthusiasm is contagious. The Wonder Woman's quite an a-kicker hey??? Trailers are great. It's like who needs Superman or Batman right?? they're wimps in the back seat now.

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    I just watched "Mastermind" on Netflix. Funniest movie I've seen in 20 years!

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